Classroom Monitor

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The Classroom Monitor shows which teachers have recorded attendance for a course section during the appropriate period. In addition, the Classroom Monitor allows the attendance clerk to rapidly enter attendance for teachers or substitute teachers if they are provided a roster or other list of students in that section.

Classroom Monitor

Students added to a course section with an entered start date will appear in green font, according to the Days to Flag Roster Additions System Preference.

Districts should have a policy about the proper use of the Classroom Monitor. For example, the attendance clerk can contact the teacher after the standard attendance recording time to remind them to take attendance. Or, the attendance clerk can record attendance.

  • A teacher's classes and information only display once within the Classroom Monitor when there are multiple work locations (if the district is using Campus Human Resources to manage employment records).
  • Students are only counted for courses in which they are currently enrolled. If the student has an end date in Section A within Period 2 and is currently enrolled in Section B also within Period 2, the student is only counted one time for that period.
  • Attendance information displays entered attendance results for course sections that span multiple periods.
  • When a course section has multiple primary teachers, the correct roster and assigned primary teacher (on the Staff History tab) on the entered date display. For example, if Primary Teacher A is ended as of October 10, and Primary Teacher B is added as of October 11, and the Classroom Roster date is October 12, Primary Teacher B and the active list of students as of October 12 is listed.

Classroom Monitor View

The following  describes the fields available on the Classroom Monitor tool.



Date and Date Refresh

Displays the date for which attendance information has been or will be recorded. The field always displays the current date unless it is modified to another date. If changing the date, enter it in mmddyy format or use the calendar icon to select a date, and then click the Refresh button to display the attendance sections for the correct date.

Incomplete Teacher Attendance Print

When selected, a report of Incomplete Teacher Attendance displays, listing the teacher's name, course period, course section and the name of the course.

Primary Teachers Only

When selected, only those teachers considered the Primary Teacher of the section are listed on the Classroom Monitor.

Last Refreshed TimestampIndicates when the Classroom Monitor was fully refreshed with the latest attendance recording. This refresh occurs when the user selects, or re-selects, the Classroom Monitor from the Index, selects the Refresh button next to the date field or marks the Primary Teachers Only checkbox.

Teacher Name

Lists the names of the teachers in alphabetical order by last name assigned to the course section.


If entered, the department to which the teacher is assigned (as noted on the District Assignments or Campus Human Resources) displays.

Contact Information

Displays the work phone number (hover over the phone icon) of the assigned teacher or the teacher's email address (hover over the envelope). This information is entered on the staff person's Demographics page.

Course Periods

The periods in which attendance needs to be recorded are displayed in numerical order across the top of the page.

Dates can be entered in the following valid date formats:

  • MM/DD/YY
  • MM-DD-YY

Or, select the calendar icon to choose a new date.

Any other date format is considered an invalid format and will return a warning message that directs the user to reenter the date in a valid format.

A course section displays in green if the teacher has recorded attendance. A course section displays in red if the teacher has not recorded attendance. A count of the total number of students marked present and the the total students enrolled in the section displays in parentheses. The first number indicates the number of students marked present; the second number indicates the total number of students actively enrolled in the section. If attendance has not yet been recorded for the section, the first number displays as --.

If multiple course sections are scheduled into multiple sequential periods, entering attendance in the Classroom Monitor for one section updates the attendance for all sections.

Recorded Attendance Display

Record Attendance Using the Classroom Monitor

  1. Select the Course Section for which to record attendance. The screen reflects the teacher view of attendance. 
  2. Mark the appropriate students as Absent or Tardy by clicking the appropriate radio button.
  3. If no students are absent or tardy, do not make any changes.
  4. Enter any Comments related to the attendance entry.
  5. Click the Save icon when finished. The page will refresh and display the main Classroom Monitor view again with the Course Section that was just modified in green.

If the section was selected in error, click the Close button to return to the main view of the Classroom Monitor.

Recording Attendance

For districts using School Months, users may modify attendance after a closed date of the School Month when:

A message displays when the entered date is in a closed school month.

Closed School Month Display

System Administration > Users > Calendar Rights

Tool Rights - School Months Attendance Modification

If the user does not have rights to enter/modify attendance, a warning message displays indicating sufficient tool rights are not assigned.

Print the Incomplete Teacher Attendance Report

Click the Print icon at the top of the Classroom Monitor to generate a report in either PDF or DOCX format listing the teachers who have not recorded attendance for the entered date. This should be generated at the end of the day.

When only including primary teachers (the Primary Teachers Only checkbox is marked), the primary teacher included on the report is based on the reporting date and the primary teacher's start date of teaching the section.


Incomplete Teacher Attendance Report