Student Schedule (Health)

PATH: Student Information > Health > Student Schedule

The Student Schedule tab allows users to view a student’s schedule within a specific calendar. A user is also able to view all course names and numbers, as well as section numbers, section teachers and room numbers for all classes within the calendar year selected.

In 2018, new Student Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler tools were made available in the Student Information > Counseling > General toolset. In the Campus.1929 Release (July 2019), those tools will replace the Student Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler available in Student Information > General. Please verify the appropriate tool rights to the Counseling toolset (noted in the linked articles) are assigned to the staff who need to access these tools.


Student Schedule

The dropdown list located in the top left hand corner allows users to view the schedule in either table or list format.  This information is read-only when viewed within the Health module. Student schedule changes are made on the Walk-In Scheduler tool by users with the appropriate tool rights.

The following options are available in the action bar of the student schedule:

Health Schedule Tab Action Bar

Schedule Format

The schedule can be viewed in several ways depending on user preference. Click the arrow next to the schedule format to change the current view. This selection applies to all other student schedules that are viewed during the same Campus instance.

Image 3: Schedule Format Options

The schedule tab displays the courses and course section in which the student is scheduled for the selected school year, calendar and schedule structure. Course information can be viewed in a table format or as a List.

 The following information appears on the schedule:

Display Active Courses Only

When this icon is selected, the option in the action bar changes to Display Active and Dropped Courses.

The list of courses displayed on the schedule tab list courses in which the student is enrolled and courses the student has dropped. Courses that have been dropped display in gray text. Courses in which the student is actively enrolled appear in black text. 

Active vs. Inactive Courses

An Active Course is defined as a course that is not yet dropped, which has one of three impacts, depending on the context of the course:

  1. If the course met in a previous term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is the last date of the term.
  2. If the course meets in the current term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is greater than or equal to the current date.
  3. If the course meets in a future term, "active" has no real meaning, as all future courses are considered active regardless of the start or end date.

Start and End dates for dropped courses appear in red text. Dates should be entered as the last day the student was scheduled into the course section.

NEVER delete courses from the schedule if the student has attended even one day of the course. Doing so affects attendance, grades, etc. If a course is being dropped in a future term, meaning the student has not attended the course, it can be deleted.

Selecting the Display Active Courses Only icon hides the dropped courses and only list those courses in which the student is currently enrolled.

At any time, the user can switch to either view by choosing the Display Active and Dropped Courses icon or the Display Active Courses Only icon, depending on the current view.

Course Display

Course information only displays for the selected student if the calendar, year and schedule structure in which the student is enrolled is selected in the Campus toolbar.

Student Schedule Print Options

There are two ways to print the student's schedule: Default Print Settings or Schedule Report, based on report options chosen in the Report Preferences tool.

Print Options

In addition to the printing options available directly from the student's schedule, a report to print multiple schedules exists in the Scheduling module, called the Schedule Batch Report. This report provides an option to print schedules for all students in a selected grade level.

When a student has multiple enrollments in the district, users who are assigned proper tool rights (Additional Enrollment Schedules) are able to print the student's course schedule from the other location.

Multiple Enrollments Print Options