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A student schedule is a list of courses and course sections for which the student is scheduled (appears on the teacher's roster) during a particular day. This course listing may vary from day to day, or term to term, depending on the school and the student’s needs. Campus provides a schedule report for schools to print, or schools can create a schedule report with the options on this page. Saved schedules can be printed from the Schedule Batch Report and from the student's Schedule tab.

Schedule Report Preferences

Create a Schedule Report

  1. Select the New icon. A Report Detail and a Report Options table appears.
  2. Enter a Name for this schedule. This name should reflect the type of schedule it is so that users can quickly generate the correct report.
  3. Select the Schedule option from the Type dropdown list.
  4. Determine if this report should be available on the Portal. If so, check the Publish to Portal box.
  5. If desired, enter a Description for this schedule.
  6. Select the appropriate Report Options for the schedule. Refer to the sections below for more information.
  7. Click the Save icon when finished. The new schedule is listed in the Reports Editor and can also be selected on the Schedule Batch.

Report Options for Schedules

The following sections describe available Schedule Report Options.

Report Format

The schedule can be printed in either a Table Format or a List Format.

  • The Table option prints the schedule listing the periods and time on the left side and the terms across the top in a grid format. Courses for each period are in the corresponding term.
  • The List option prints the courses by term and day. When List is selected, Term Options and Period Sequence cannot be selected.
Group By

The Schedule can be grouped by Course or Days. The Days option is useful for schools that have rotating schedules (A/B Days, etc.), where all courses for that day rotation are listed in a separate grid.

  • When Group by Days is selected and the Schedule Time Display Option is not selected, period times do not print on the schedule.
  • When Group by Days is selected and the Schedule Time Display Option is selected, period times do print on the schedule.

Only those courses in which the student is currently scheduled can be printed by selecting Display Active Courses Only. Or all courses, both actively scheduled ones and those the student has dropped, can display by selecting the Display Active and Dropped Courses.

For both options, determine if responsive courses should also be displays, by marking the Include Responsive Courses checkbox. When marked, courses that are considered responsive also print on the report (Responsive Courses do not automatically display). 

An Active Course is defined as a course that is not yet dropped, which has one of three impacts, depending on the context of the course:

  1. If the course met in a previous term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is the last date of the term.
  2. If the course meets in the current term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is greater than or equal to the current date.
  3. If the course meets in a future term, "active" has no real meaning, as all future courses are considered active regardless of the start or end date.

Responsive courses follow the same logic for Active vs Dropped.

Term Options

Select all terms to print on the report, or some terms. For some schools, printing schedules at the start of each term is easier than printing schedules at the beginning of the year, depending on how often students switch courses, drop courses, etc.Terms cannot be selected when the Report Format is List.


Select which periods to print on the schedule. Often, non-instructional periods (zero period, after school activity periods, etc.) can be left off of the schedule. Period Sequence cannot be selected when the Report Format is List.

This field was renamed in the Campus.1637 Release Pack. It was previously named Period Sequence. If existing schedule reports had this option marked, they must be resaved to properly display the Period names.

Display Options

Choose the following options to print on the schedule:

  • Counselor - Prints the student's counselor in the header of the schedule
  • Student Username - Prints the student's Portal username in the header of the schedule.
  • Schedule Time - Prints the period times of the selected periods.
  • Lock Combo - Prints the student's locker combination for the assigned locker
  • Locker - Prints the student's locker number
  • Lock Type - Prints locker information for the selected type of locker. The locker types display when the Locker option is selected.
Print Options

The schedule can be printed in either Portrait or Landscape format. Additional space for terms can also be added, if desired. This option is recommended for more than five terms in a year.

School Comment

The School Comment field allows users to include a comment which appears at the top of all printed schedules. School comments can be modified at any time and should be applicable to those people receiving the schedule.

Schedule Prints

The following images show the options chosen for the Report Preferences.

Schedule Print View - List Options

Schedule Print View - Table Options