View Student Responses to Online Assessment Items


Online Assessment is available in districts that used it in the 2017-18 school year. These tools will be removed following the 2018-19 school year.

Assessment functionality is available through features such as Quick Assessments and district-wide Naiku integration in the Campus Learning premium offering.

PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Online Assessment Student Response Report

The Online Assessment Student Response Report includes student responses for each item selected in the editor. A report generates for each student selected in the report editor.

See the Aligning, Setting Up and Scoring articles for more information about Online Assessments

Image 1: Student Response Report

Generating the Student Response Report

  1. Select Online Assessment Student Response from the Report dropdown list.
  2. Select the Term and Section for which you want to view missing assignments.
  3. Select the Assignment for which to report response data. Only Assignments with Assessments enabled that have student responses appear in the dropdown list. Once an Assignment is selected, a list of the items in that assessment displays.
  4. Indicate if the report should Include Student Score, which will appear for each item. Marking this option will include the student score earned for each test item.
  5. Indicate if the report should Include Images and Link in Responses to view any additional formatting. Marking this option causes test items to report as they do on an assessment, including special formatting, links and images.
  6. Indicate which Item Type should appear in the list below.
  7. Unmark the checkbox for any Items that should not be included in the report. Click the Item ID hyperlink to view the details of the item.
  8. Unmark the checkbox for any Students who should not be included in the report. Student Name, Number and Grade are provided.
  9. Scroll to the top of the screen and click Generate Report to view student responses in PDF format.

Report Analysis

Results report by student, with a page break between each individual. At the top of the generated report, a header displays with the Calendar and School information and basic assignment information, including Course, Section, Teacher, Assignment and Dates.

After the general report header appears a header with a brief report explanation and information specific to the student. If a Max Duration was set for the assessment, that value reports, as well as the amount of time the student took to complete the assessment.

Image 2: Student Header

This header explains that student responses are indicated in bold, underlined text and the correct response is marked with a checkmark icon. Student Number, Name and Grade are listed, as well as the Date and Time the student submitted the assessment.

Next, each test item appears with the correct response and the student's response indicated. After the test item, the Grading Tasks and/or Standards used to the score the item are listed, as well as the Points Possible and the Score the student received. The following is an example of a Multiple Choice - Single Correct Response test item:

Image 3: Multiple Choice Example

Each item indicated on the report editor reports for the students selected.