View Flagged Assignments

PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Flagged Assignments

The Flagged Assignments report in Campus Instruction allows you to view assignments for students in the selected section that have been flagged in the Grade Book as Missing, Incomplete, Late, or Exempt.

Flagged Assignments Report Editor

Report Editor

Report Editor Fields



All students actively enrolled in the section are marked by default. Unmark students to remove them from the report.

Include Assignment Due From

Assignments are included by due date, either by entering a specific Date Range or selecting an entire Term

Include Assignments

Teachers flag assignments in the Grade Book. Select which of the flag(s) to include in the report:

  • Missing: Score calculates as zero.
  • Late: No effect of scores.
  • Incomplete: No effect on scores.
  • Exempt: Score not included in calculation.

Include Score Comments

Teachers have the option of entering comments for a score. Mark this checkbox to include them.

Add Page Breaks

Generate this report with page breaks to distribute to individual students, or without page breaks if the report is for staff use rather than distribution.


Generating the Flagged Assignments Report

  1. Select Flagged Assignments from the Report dropdown list. 
  2. Select the Term and Section to populate the student list.
  3. Leave Students to include in the report marked, unmark any that should not be included. Flagged assignments from the selected students' entire schedules are included in the report.
  4. Indicate if assignments should be included whose Due Dates fall within the entered Date Range or the selected Term.
  5. Indicate which Flags should cause assignments to be included, Missing, Late, Incomplete, or Exempt.
  6. Indicate if Score Comments should be included.
  7. Mark the Add Page Breaks option if you intend to distribute this report to students.
  8. Click Generate Report to view the report in PDF format in another window.

The results of the report include all assignments with the selected flags for each student across all sections, not just the selected section.

Example of a Flagged Assignments Report