Print Scoring Rubrics

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PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Scored Rubrics

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Assignment > Rubric, Evaluate Rubric/Submission

Scoring rubrics can be scored before or after they have been used to evaluate student work.

Scored Rubrics Report

Print rubrics by section using the Scored Rubrics report.

Use the Scored Rubrics report to view printable rubrics.
  1. Select a Term and Section to populate the Assignment and Student lists.
  2. Select a Report of Scored Rubrics.
  3. Select an Assignment.
  4. Indicate if the results should Include Unscored Rubrics. This option generates a copy of an unscored rubric for each unscored student selected.
  5. Indicate if the results should Print in Color. Selected cells print in blue, instead of in lower-ink gray tones.
  6. Select Double-Sided Printing to print on both sides of the page. This option includes page breaks so that rubrics for different students print on separate sheets of paper.
  7. Unmark any Students who should not be included in results.
  8. Click Generate Report to view the scoring rubrics in another window. 

This rubric is printed in color.

Other Printing Options

Print scoring rubrics anywhere you view them, including: