Exporting Your Grade Book

PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Grade Book Export

The Grade Book Export generates a view of the Grade Book in another format for use in other programs. 

Any changes made to the data that has been exported will not be reflected within the Grade Book. A section must have at least one category and one assignment to export the Grade Book.

Grade Book Export

Generating the Grade Book Export

  1. Select Grade Book Export in the Report dropdown list.
  2. Select a Term and Section to load the list of students and assignments.
  3. Select a File Format in which to generate the export. Click below to view examples of each format type.

     Export in CSV Format

    Export in CSV Format
     Export in Tab Delimited Format

    Export in Tab Delimited Format
     Export in XML Format

    Export in XML Format
     Export in HTML Format

    Export in HTML Format
  4. Indicate the Students to include in the export.
  5. Indicate which Assignments to include in the export. Expand the assignment list by term and select them individually or by Grading Task/Standard.
    Note that Category Weights display in the assignments list if they have been entered for your Categories.
  6. Scroll to the top of the screen and click Generate Report to view the export in the selected format. 

Putting Student Names and Numbers in Separate Columns

After generating the extract in Comma Separated format, complete the following steps in Excel to separate student last, first, and middle name, and number into their own columns of the spreadsheet:

  1. Add three new blank columns to the first of the first column.
  2. Highlight Column A.
  3. From the Data tab at the top, click Text to Columns.
  4. Choose Delimited, click Next.
  5. Mark Comma and Space as delimiters.
  6. Click Next and then OK to separate the fields into their own columns. Manually move the student number for any students who do not have middle names.