Wisconsin Student Transportation Tab

PATH: Student Information > General > Transportation

The Student Transportation tab tracks the bus information and/or vehicle information of the student. Information entered on this tab is reported in the Pupil Transportation Extract.

Functionality for the Miles Transported field differs from other states. See the Miles Transportation section for more information.

For information on entering transportation data, see the Student Transportation tab.

Miles Transported

The Pupil Transportation Extract calculates the total number of days as a range, either 90 days or less or 90 days or more, for each transportation record assigned to the student. The logic for this calculation follows:
Students can only be reported one time, regardless of how many transportation records they may have and how many schools in which they have enrollment records during the one school year.

Instructional days are calculated between the Transportation Start Date and End Date. If there is not an End Date, the end date of the last term of the calendar is used. Instructional days must fall within the enrollment and transportation record in order to be reported.


The following values can be assigned to the student:



0-2 miles (hazardous area)

More than zero miles but less than two miles

2-5 miles

More than two miles but less than five miles

5-8 miles

More than five miles but less than eight miles

8-12 miles

More than eight miles but less than twelve miles

Over 12 miles

Twelve miles or more