Upload Documents

Documents can be uploaded from multiple Campus tools depending on where the administrator has enabled the document upload feature.

You cannot upload a document with a file name containing one or more of the following illegal characters:  | . , [ ] { } ( ) ! ; " * ? < > : / \ Tab, LF, CR


To upload a document on a Campus tool, click the Documents button on the action bar. Then complete the following steps.

  1. Click the Upload Document button.

  2. Click the Add Files button.

  3. Locate the file(s) you want to attach and click Open.
    Campus adds the file(s) to the list of documents. Repeat this step until you have selected all of the files you want to attach.

  4. Click the Upload button.
    The documents appear in the Document List.

Once a document is in the Document List, you may delete the document, edit the Name and File Description or replace the document.