Treatment List

PATH: System Administration > Health > Treatment List

The Treatment List is used to track the treatments that students receive when they visit the Health Office. This list is simply the name of the treatment and a code. This code can be a district-defined listing or based on state approved treatments.

Health Treatments

Workflow of Treatments

See the Health landing page for a complete list of tasks that can be done in the System Administration Health tools, the Health module and the Student Information Health tools.

After Health Conditions and Health Treatments are entered in System Administration, and Conditions are assigned to students on their Conditions tab, Treatments are assigned to those conditions. For students who receive medication on a regular basis for ongoing conditions, the treatment is visible in the Health Office.

Create Health Treatments

  1. Select the New icon. The Health Treatment List Detail editor will appear below.
  2. Enter a code for the treatment within the Code field. This code can be a state code for a certain treatment, a district code, or a number that comes from a health dictionary. It must be numeric up to three digits.
  3. Enter a description of the treatment within the Description field. This description can be up to twelve characters in length, including any spaces or punctuation. It cannot contain special characters like quotation marks.
  4. Select the Save icon when finished. The new treatment will appear within the Health Treatment List editor table.