Transportation Summary

PATH: System Administration > Transportation > Reports > Transportation Summary

The Transportation Summary Report will print bus or parking detail information for students who match the selected criteria. Students will be included if there is transportation information and an active enrollment record as of the entered Transportation Enrollment Effective Date. 

Transportation Summary Report

Report Logic

This report will pull data as entered for the selected criteria on the student's Transportation tab.  The user determines if Bus information is reported or if Parking Detail Information is reported.

Report Editor

The following information defines the available options on the Transportation Summary Report.

Transportation Data

Parking and bus information is stored on the student's Transportation tab.  Select the appropriate information to include on this report.  Bus and Parking detail needs to be chosen in separate reports.  All fields for a type of transportation are automatically selected. Unmark desired data elements as needed. 

Transportation Summary Report - Bus or Parking Detail

Student Selection

Students are selected by either a Grade Level or an Ad hoc Filter.  Users are also required to enter a Transportation Effective Date which will limit the students to those who have transportation records as of the entered date. This date is defaulted to the current date and can be modified by entering a new date in mmddyy format or use the calendar icon to select a date. 

Transportation Summary Report - Student Selection

Sorting Options

This report can be printed in Student order (alphabetical by last name) or in Grade Level order (lowest grade in calendar will print first).  Determine the appropriate option. 

Transportation Summary Report - Sort Options

Generate the Report

  1. Select the appropriate Bus Information or Parking Information to include on the report. Unmark those items within the Bus or Parking detail that should not be included on the report. 
  2. Select the students to include on the report by selecting Grade levels or an Ad hoc Filter.
  3. Enter a Transportation Effective Date in mmddyy format.
  4. Select how the report should be sorted - by Student or by Grade level.
  5. Click the Generate Report button. The report will appear in PDF format. 

Transportation Summary Report - Bus Information (In Bus, In Time), Students by Grade Level, Sorted by Student

Transportation Summary Report - Parking Information, Students by Grade Level, Sorted by Grade