Team Members

PATH: Student Information > Special Ed > General > Team Members

The Team Members tab lists the individuals who are part of a student's special education team, including counselors, case managers, family and service providers. The Role assigned to team members determines whether the student appears in the team member's Caseload. Members can be added through finding an existing person and linking them or by entering a person without consulting Census.

Special Ed Team Members tab

When adding team members, only add those who need access to the student in a special education context. Teachers who only need to know that a student has an IEP and do not need access to read it should not be added to the team. They will see an icon on the roster for students with IEPs.

Team Member Fields in Ad hoc Query Wizard

Team Member fields are available in the Ad hoc Query Wizard when creating Student Data Type Filters in the Learner Planning > Team Members folder. Ad hoc field names are listed in the description tables below.

Team Member Ad hoc Fields

See the Editing Team Member Information section below for the related Ad hoc field and information on how that field returns data.

Adding Team Members

Team Members can be added in three ways:

Editing Team Member Information

A Team Member record can be modified by selecting the Team Member from the list, making the necessary changes, and saving the record.

This table describes the fields available when editing a Team Membership.



Ad hoc Field Name

Start Date

The first date that the team member record is active.


End Date

The last date that the team member will be considered active. Active team members appear in bold in the team member list.



The title of the individual in relation to the special education team membership.



The role of the member in relation to the team. Options are:

  • View-only: a document icon displays on the Teacher Roster indicating the student has a Plan.
  • Read-only: a document icon displays on the Teacher Roster indicating the student has a Plan. The teacher can click on the document and view the plan in a read only view.
  • Write
  • Advisor
  • Service Provider 
  • Case Manager

Because Entering a New Team Member does not link Census records, Service Provider and Case Member records added this way do not result in students displaying in the team member's Caseload. Use the Find and Link Team Members tool to add students to a Caseload.


Last Name

The last name of the team member.


First Name

The first name of the team member.


Service Coordinator

Indicates if the team member is responsible for coordinating the services the student receives.



The agency the team member is associated with.



The address associated with the team member, either the home address or the address of the agency.



The credentials that qualify the individual for team membership.



Any comments associated with the team membership.


Other Phone

Other phone number for contacting the individual.


Work Phone

The work phone number of the individual.


Cell Phone

The cell phone number of the individual.



The email address of the individual.


Printing Membership Records

See the Print Team Members article for more information about printing team membership records.