Staff Evaluations (HR)

The Staff Evaluations module is a talent management tool for staff performance evaluations and is purchased as an add-on to Campus. This module allows districts to define their own standards and ratings for staff performance evaluations. The Staff Evaluations module also delivers the evaluations to staff and managers for completion then stores the evaluations for reference.

General Information

About Evaluation WorkflowsN/A
Evaluation StatusesN/A
Setup ChecklistN/A
How Categories Display on an EvaluationN/A
Tool RightsN/A
Viewing Evaluations In Personnel Master (HR Only)Personnel Master

Administrative Options


Define Upload Types

Custom Attribute

HR Codes

Print a Summary or Detailed Report of all ElementsElement Listing
Evaluation Periods
Configure Evaluation PeriodsEvaluation Periods
Edit Evaluation PeriodsEvaluation Periods
Copy Evaluation PeriodsEvaluation Periods
Delete Evaluation PeriodsEvaluation Periods
Rating Scales
Configure Rating ScalesRating Scales
Edit Rating ScalesRating Scales
Copy Rating ScalesRating Scales
Delete Rating ScalesRating Scales
Category Bank
Add Categories to the Category BankCategory Bank
Edit CategoriesCategory Bank
Copy CategoriesCategory Bank
Delete CategoriesCategory Bank
Evaluation Templates
Create Evaluation TemplatesEvaluations
Preview a Sample EvaluationEvaluations
Edit Evaluation TemplatesEvaluations
Copy Evaluation TemplatesEvaluations

Manage Evaluations for Supervisors to Use

Generate Evaluations for Supervisors to UseEvaluation Inquiry
Print a Status Report (Evaluation Inquiry Summary)Evaluation Inquiry
View and Print a Completed Evaluation from Evaluation Inquiry Evaluation Inquiry

Manage Evaluations for My Direct Reports

Complete My Personal Evaluation

Reflection and AcknowledgementMy Evaluations
Acknowledgement OnlyMy Evaluations