Setup Checklist (Staff Evaluations)

Before you can start using the Staff Evaluations module, you must complete the setup tasks listed on this page.


Enable File Upload (Optional)

  • Enable the Staff Evaluations Service on the Digital Repository tab  - Enabling this service allows you to enable and disable the document upload feature in the Staff Evaluations module. After the service is turned on, administrators can select the option to allow uploading files on evaluation templates.
  • SkillRewrite_Define Upload Types - The Custom Attribute Dictionary or HR Codes can be set up for the types of files that users may upload to an evaluation.

Define Evaluation Periods

Evaluation Periods specify the period of time during which staff evaluations may be performed.


SkillRewrite_Configure Rating Scales

Rating scales are used to measure the level of an employee's performance.


SkillRewrite_Add Categories to the Category Bank

The Category Bank contains the areas of responsibility for which employees are being evaluated. Categories can include Elements, Sub-Elements and Rating Scale definitions which allow you to divide a Category into specific features that can be rated.


SkillRewrite_Create Evaluation Templates

Evaluation Templates provide the format from which staff evaluations are created. Once Evaluation Templates are created, you can SkillRewrite_Generate Evaluations for Supervisors to Use and supervisors can SkillRewrite_Generate New Evaluations for Employees for their direct reports.