School Choice

School Choice allows students to apply for enrollment to one or more schools or programs. Acceptance into a school or program is determined by the student assignment and projection process. This process is based on the student's home address, unless a student applies and is accepted into another school or program within the district. Each school or program has a unique set of rules that determine whether a student's application is accepted.

School Choice Options

School Choice can be used either with Student Assignment logic or without Student Assignment logic.

Prepare Campus for School Choice

Set System Preferences for School Choice.System Preferences
Create the next school year.School Years
Create and assign District Override types.Override Type
Roll school calendars forwardCalendar Wizard
Mark calendars for school choice.Calendar
Set Grade Levels to accept school choice applications.Grade Levels
Add School Boundaries to AddressesSchools
Determine School Choice PreferencesPreferences
Determine and modify rules for school choice processing.Rules
Turn on School Choice for Portal viewing, allowing students to submit applications.Display Options

Enrollment, Scheduling and Processing

Roll forward enrollment records.Enrollment Roll Forward
Begin scheduling students for next school year.Schedule Wizard
Process submitted applications.Process Applications
Manually approve, enter and maintain school choice applications.School Choice
Assign overrides as needed to students, calendars and addresses.

Student Overrides

Calendar Overrides

Address Overrides

Generate reports listing students who have application and enrollment conflicts.Application Conflict Report
Generate reports listing student application status.Application Status Report
Post application acceptance and denial decisions.Post Applications
Notify parents and students about school choice decisions.School Choice Messenger
Update multiple applications at one time.Batch Updates

Repeat the above steps until the start of the school year, at which point scheduling can be finalized.

System Preference Settings

The following three preferences are used in the School Choice process.

PreferenceSchool Choice with Student AssignmentSchool Choice without Student Assignment
School Boundary WarningsOnOn
Enable Student Assignment ValidationYesNo
Enable Sequential School Choice Application ProcessingYesYes