Schedule (Student)

PATH: Student Information > General > Schedule

The Schedule tab allows users to view and print the student's scheduled courses in multiple formats. The student's schedule is used to find where the student is during the day, can be used to determine which courses the student should be taking in future years and can be used to print the student's schedule.


Schedule View, Group by Course (All Terms)

If given the rights, staff may also have a Grade Book icon that allows them to view a read-only summary of the student's assignments and progress in the selected course. Rights to the Walk-In Scheduler will allow staff to add, modify, or restore a student schedule or requested courses. Additional rights are needed to be able to overload a section, or add more students than the set maximum seat count.

Many areas of the product are dependent on the student schedule for calculations. If a student is not scheduled into a course, attendance cannot be recorded. Any unscheduled periods of time in a student's schedule will be subtracted from the total minutes of the day, affecting full time enrollment calculations and potentially affecting other state reports. Improper changes to the schedule can also result in the loss of both attendance and assignment data entered by the teacher.

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Manage Documents

To view documents, click the Documents button on the action bar. Users with the appropriate tool rights may also complete the following tasks.