Schedule (Portal)

The Campus Portal was replaced by Campus Student and Campus Parent in Summer 2019.

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

PATH: Campus Portal > Student Selection > Schedule

The Course Schedule lists the student's classes in each period and term, along with the time and location the class meets. If a school uses a rotating day or alternating day schedule, the day the class meets is listed. Parents can use this tool to find out the classes the student is taking along with the teacher's name and room number.

Student Schedule

Navigating the Student's Schedule

Clicking the teacher's name with an Email icon next it generates an email in your preferred email program.

Clicking the Name of a course when a grade book icon appears next to it opens the student's Grade book for that course, which includes assignments and grades.

Printing the Schedule

To generate a printable PDF version of the schedule, click Reports in the index and select Student Schedule.

Grade Book Assignments

Assignments for a course are sorted based on the task or standard that they are aligned to, as shown in the example below.

Grade Book for a Course - Task Based Grading

Clicking View the scoring rubric(s) and/or grading scale(s) for this class takes you to the bottom of the screen, where the Grading Scale(s) and Rubric(s) appear.

Grading Scales and Rubrics

From within the Grade book, clicking the name of an Assignment opens a screen which provides the details for that specific assignment. This screen including assignment detail and allows parents to see missing and late assignments. Clicking Back to the complete Grade book returns you to the Grade book screen.

Assignment Detail within Grade Book

In some districts, posting assignments is optional for teachers, so this information may not always be available.