Rules (School Choice)

PATH: System Administration > School Choice > Rules

Approval of school choice applications are based on additive weights assigned to rules that a student meets. School Choice Rules are used for this determination process. A user selects the rules that apply to the programs offered at a particular school. These rules may include Essay Completion, Portfolio Presentation, etc.

School Choice Rules

Three rules are available in the system automatically and cannot be deleted. Additional rules can be created.

Application On TimeA student earns the weight entered on this rule if their school choice application is turned in on or between the Application Start and End Dates.
In School BoundaryA student earns the weight entered on this rule if the school to where they apply is assigned on the School's tab on the student's Household Address.
Sibling Same SchoolA student earns the weight entered on this rule if their sibling is in the same primary household and the sibling is enrolled in the school for the next school year that the student is applying to attend.

Rules Process

Each school selects the rules from the overall set that apply and assigns an appropriate weight.

Create School Choice Rules

  1. Select the New icon. A Rule Detail editor appears.
  2. Enter a Name for the rule (up to 46 characters).
  3. Enter a Code for the rule (up to 3 characters).
  4. Click the Save icon.

Rules are then assigned to School Choice Preferences and can be set with a weight. Students who submit applications that meet the given rules have a higher weight than those students who don't meet the rules. This is tracked on the student's School Choice tab.