Preferences (School Choice)

PATH: System Administration > School Choice > Preferences

The School Choice Preferences tool requires a school to enter a year and date range for when the application window is open. Rules applied to student school choice applications are available for selection and those rules can also be assigned a weight.

School Choice Preferences

Applications submitted between the on-time start and end dates are given priority over those that are not when the application on-time rule is added to the School Choice Rule Assignments Editor. All rules added to the editor allow a school to set a weight that prioritizes which rules are more important than others. Students who meet the one or more rules assigned by the school earn additional weight values. The higher the value, the more likely the student's application is approved, based on the number of seats available.

Weights Assigned to Rules

A weight entered on a rule is used in determining the impact of the rule when the student meets the criteria based on his/her school choice application. A higher weight in combination with all of the rules a student meets will increase his/her chances of their school choice application being approved. A weight of zero (0) should be entered on one or more rules if the school prefers to approve all applications randomly and still would like to track rule information.

School Choice Preference Editor

The following fields are available when adding a preference.

School Choice Preference Editor
School NameSelected school indicates where students are submitting school choice applications.
School YearSelected year indicates for which school year the date range and rules apply.
Application Window Date Range

Entered dates indicate when school choice applications can be submitted. These dates are auto-populated to the start and end dates of the previous school year. For example, if 2013-14 is selected in the School Year field, 2012-13 School Year start and end dates under Sys Admin > Calendar > School Years are populated. Dates can be entered in mmddyy format, or use the calendar icon to select a date.

Dates are auto-populated based on the selected school year.

Application On-Time Date RangeEntered dates indicates when the school choice application is considered to be on time. Dates can be entered in mmddyy format, or use the calendar icon to select a date.
School Choice Rule Assignments

Selection applies to any application submitted during the entered date range where this rule is true.

WeightAny weight assigned to a rule gives more value to applications submitted during the entered dates.

Create School Choice Preferences

  1. Select the New Preference icon.
  2. Select which School Name from the dropdown list this new preference applies. Schools available in the dropdown list are based on calendar rights assigned to the user.
  3. Select the School Year to which this preference applies.
  4. Enter the Application Window Date Range dates. This is a required entry.
  5. Enter the Application On-Time Date Range dates, if applicable.
  6. Select the rules associated with the entered dates, and enter a weight.
  7. Click the Save Preference icon when finished.