PATH: Census > People

The People tool provides access to all individuals entered into Infinite Campus. A person is defined as a student, staff, parent, guardian, doctor, emergency contact, etc. that may have access to Campus as a staff member or as a parent, or has some information stored about them. 

Census People

Additional tabs within the People toolset are available.

Census People Tools



Contains specific details about the person - name, birth date, student or staff number, etc.


Notes previous existence of a person with different name or birth date.


Notes where the individuals resides.


Indicates linkage to other persons in Campus.


Lists historical and active enrollment records for the person.

District Employment

Lists all employment within the school district.

District Assignments

Lists all employment assignments within the school district.

FS Deposit Allows a district to enter new deposits, void existing deposits and review account balances for a patron with a POS account. This tab only displays in districts using Campus Point-of-Sale.

School Choice

Lists school applications entered using the School Choice process.


Notes qualifications staff members may have - i.e., Highly Qualified.


Notes the student's placement into a specific school based on district policy. This is used in the School Choice Process.

Fees Lists all fees that have been assigned to a person, including all payments and adjustments and a total of how much is still owed or if a surplus exists.
ID History Provides a read-only view of a person's ID history.
Person Documents Lists all documents associated with a specific person regardless of the tab on which they were first uploaded.
Schedule Provides an overview of a teacher's schedule.
Payments Provides the option to remove the person's access to online payments.