This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Human Resources as add-on functionality.

PATH: Human Resources > Payroll

The Campus Payroll application contains the tools for managing your district's payroll and includes the following features:

General Information

Payroll Module Setup

Accruals and Balances Setup
Create an Accruable Benefit Accrual/Balances
Define a Balance Plan Name and Description Accrual/Balances
Benefits Setup
Benefit Plans Benefits

Range Tables and Range Table Codes

Benefit/Deduction Codes and Earning Flags Benefits
Flexible Benefit Plans Benefits
Updating Benefit Year Deductions Benefits

Criteria Codes

Compensation Setup
FLSA Overtime Plans Compensation

Conversion Plans

Earning Plans Compensation
Positions Setup

Positions Setup

Pay Cycle Configuration
Pay Types Pay Cycle
Pay Period Dates Pay Cycle

Payroll Date Years

Pay Cycle
Run Designators Pay Cycle
Check Handling Types Pay Cycle

Bank Information

Pay Cycle

Company Bank Accounts

Pay Cycle
Bank Codes and Branch Codes Pay Cycle
Tape Transmitter Information Pay Cycle
Check Sort Locations Pay Cycle
Tax Information Configuration 
Form Plans Legislative
Tax Locations Legislative
Tax Parameters Legislative
W2 Tape Parameters Legislative

Managing Employee Data

 Payroll Processing

Entering Time

Batch Time Entry
Manual Time Entry

Time/Pay Posting Pay Cycle
Calculating Gross Pay to Net Pay Pay Cycle
Generating Pay to Net Reports  Pay Cycle
Create Pay Checks Pay Cycle
Creating the Deposit File Pay Cycle
Closing the Pay Run Pay Cycle

Overriding Standard Deductions

Pay Cycle

Overriding Standard Pay

Pay Cycle

Paying Overtime

Batch Time Entry
Manual Time Entry

Deduction Adjustments

Pay Cycle

Pay Run Reports

My Reports

Adding New Pay Periods

Pay Cycle

Off Cycle Payroll Processing