Overrides (Calendar)

PATH: System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Overrides

Calendar overrides apply to the programs a school offers to students. Overrides may be set for a person or on a household address. Person overrides take precedence over the household address override. A student may be denied enrollment to a school if the student does not live at an address within the school boundary. In this case, the student would need to obtain a person override to attend the school based on a specific curriculum program or administrative decision.

Overrides are created in the Resources Override Type tool.

Calendar Overrides

Add Calendar Overrides

  1. Select the New Override icon. The Calendar Override editor displays.
  2. Select the Override Type from the dropdown list.
  3. Click the Save icon.

Repeat this process until all of the appropriate override types are listed for the selected calendar.

Next Steps

See the School Choice Workflow for a complete list of steps for Campus School Choice.