No Show Report

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The No Show Report lists enrollments with the No Show checkbox selected. A no show student is defined as a student who is enrolled in the school but never attends class and does not officially withdraw from the school. These enrollment records are ended after a certain number of school days, depending on district and/or state policy.

No Show Report Editor

This report ONLY uses the No Show flag. It does not use enrollment end statuses or start and end dates.

Report Logic

The report uses the No Show checkbox for inclusion in the report. If selected, the enrollment record will be included; if not selected, the enrollment record will not be included.

Guidelines for processing no show enrollments is a district and/or state policy. Follow recommended procedures based on these policies.

Report Editor

The following options are available on the No Show Report.

Calendar Selection

At least one calendar must be selected on the report editor. Calendars can be selected by the Active Year (default option), by the School Name or by the School Year.

If a user does not have calendar rights to certain calendars, those calendars will not display for selection.

The calendar selected in the Campus toolbar will be selected by default. If All Schools or All Calendars are selected in the Campus toolbar, no calendar is selected by default.

Enrollment Service TypesThe No Show Report includes  an option to report enrollments marked as No Show based on the enrollment type, selected on the student's enrollment record. All available options may be selected for inclusion in the report.
 Sort Options

The No Show Report can be sorted by Student Name, Student Number or the Grade Level on the Enrollment record.

  • Student Name sorts alphabetically by the student's Last Name, First Name, Grade Level, Student Number (default selection).
  • Student Number sorts numerically by the student's district-assigned Student Number.
  • Grade Level sorts numerically by Grade Level, student's Last Name, First Name, Student Number.

Report Format

No Show Report - Formatting

Generating the Report

  1. Select the Calendar(s) to include on the report.
  2. Select the Enrollment Types to include on the report.
  3. Select the desired Sort Option for the report.
  4. Click the Generate Report button. The report will appear in a new browser window in PDF Format with the selected options.

No Show Report - Multiple Schools Selected

No Show Report - One School Selected, all Enrollment Types, Sorted by Student Name