My Data

If Campus Human Resources is enabled, My Data is not available. See the following article for more information:

Campus SIS Integration with Campus HR

PATH: Census > My Data

The My Data feature provides staff members with the ability to update their own demographic, employment, credential and household information. Tool rights control which of these areas are available for users to see, review and/or request changes.

Image 1: Census My Data

The process is two-fold.

  1. The staff member creates a request and enters the modified data into the request editors and clicks the Save icon.
  2. The approved staff member(s) at the district reviews the request and approves or denies as necessary.

Requests that are in process or those that have been approved or denied in the past will appear on the My Requests tab.

A record must be selected before an option for updating the information will appear.

It is recommended a district have policies in place for when a staff member submits a request. These policies would include having the proper documentation in place with the approver before the change will be made (i.e., copy of marriage certificate or other legal form of existence) that a change was made.  

Maine users should refer to the Maine Localization page for instructions on Census My Data.

Request Editors

Separate editors that resemble the Census People toolset are used to request My Data updates. Users have the opportunity to request changes to the following areas:

My Data Tools


My Demographics

Staff members can request modifications to person information (last name, first name, race/ethnicity, etc.), person identifiers (staff number, staff state ID, etc.) and personal contact information.

My Assignments

Staff members can request modifications to current district assignment records - school of employment, department, start date, etc. 

My Employment

Staff members can request modifications to current district employment records - license number, education level, start date of employment in the district, etc.

My Credentials

Staff members can request modifications to current credential records that indicate a staff member is qualified to teach certain classes, has a new licensure or certification or education credentials.

My Household/Address

Staff members can request modifications to existing household address information or request to have a new address added.

My Courses

Teachers and Section staff can view assigned course and section data. Teachers can request modifications to their assignment in a section.

My Requests

Staff members can review all entered requests in one area and have the opportunity to delete pending requests. 

Proper tool rights must be assigned to request updates to My Demographics. See the Census Tool Rights document for more information.

 Custom Fields

Any custom fields that exist on Demographics, District Assignments, District Employment, Credentials, Households, Addresses and Courses are also available in the corresponding My Data tool as read-only fields. Requests to change the data in these custom fields may be submitted by following the procedures for submitting other data requests.