Mobile Portal

PATH: System Administration > Portal > Preferences > Mobile

The Mobile tab enables push notification at the district level for use with the Mobile Portal application. When enabled, users receive notifications about the following student data updates:

For more information on Mobile Portal functionality and for information that can be given to Parents and Students using Mobile Portal devices, see the Campus Mobile Portal article.

Image 1: Mobile Portal Notification

Enabling Push Notification

  1. Mark the Enable Push Notifications checkbox.
  2. Click the Save icon.

In addition to enabling this option, districts will also want to enable Contact Preferences for each school for which notifications should be sent.

Notification Logic

Notifications are triggered by Campus user actions. If a particular type of change (Attendance, Grades, Assignments) is modified, a Mobile Portal user will receive notifications for those areas where the user has chosen to receive notifications. Notifications are only delivered for Active Year calendars.

The Portal flag is used to determine who can view and receive notifications about certain students.

Each Mobile Portal user can have one or more devices. For each device, the user can select different notification settings.

Notification functionality is not guaranteed by Apple or Google.

Districts may need to open Port 5671 on their firewall to let notification messages out from their district.

Mobile Portal Areas

The following areas are available to Mobile Portal users.


  • Planner
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Settings
  • Food Service


  • Planner
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Schedule
  • Settings
  • Food Service

These menu items display in the app when the appropriate Portal Display Options are selected. When items are not enabled, the tool will appear as inactive in the mobile app.

See the Mobile Portal Display Options for additional information on recommended options.

Mobile Portal Supported Platforms

The following table defines current support for the Mobile Portal app.

As of the 2014-2015 school year, Campus will only support iOS 6.0+ and Android 2.3+.

Minimum OS
Apple Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPhone)iOS 6.0+
Apple Tablet Devices (iPad, iPad Mini)iOS 6.0+
Android Mobile Devices (Phones)Android 2.3+
Android Tablet DevicesAndroid 2.3+

First generation of iPhone and iPod Touch is not supported. BlackBerry and Windows-based mobile phones are not supported.

For Android users, Campus does not support screen sizes deemed too small for the Google Play store.