Mobile Portal Access Based on Display Options

PATH: System Administration > Portal > Preferences > Display Options

The Display Options allow schools to determine which features appear on the Campus Portal for students and parents and which options display when viewing the Mobile Portal app on an iOS or Android device. This is a school-wide tab, meaning the high school in a district may have different options selected than a middle school. For that purpose, a parent/guardian who has students in both the high school and middle school may have different options available within the Mobile Portal per student.

Only those display options that apply to Mobile Portal are noted on this page. For complete details on all Display Options, see the Display Options article.

Parents and guardians MUST have the Portal checkbox marked on the Relationships tab in order to access student information within the Campus Mobile Portal.

Image 1: iOS Mobile Portal

Image 2: Android Mobile Portal

When menu items of the app are not
enabled in the Display Options,
those items will appear as
inactive to users. This document
describes what users will have
access to when each menu item is

To display all available menu items on the Mobile Portal app, the following Display Options should be marked:

Image 3: All Display Options for Mobile Portal


In the Mobile App, the Planner shows the student's course schedule for the current day, listing the period number, the name of the course, the time the course begins, the room number and the teacher's name. Selecting a particular course displays any assignments given in that day's meeting.

The following table describes each display option:

Display Option(s)Result
Schedule + Display TermsUsers can view their schedule but cannot see class grades.
Schedule + Display Terms + GradesUsers can view their schedule and class grades but cannot drill down information about grades for each class.
Schedule + Display Terms + Grades + Grade BookUsers can view their schedule, see class grades and drill down to see additional information about each grade.

Image 4: Required Daily Planner Display Options

Image 5: Planner Menu Option


In the Mobile App, the Assignments area displays a list of all assignments for the courses in which the student is enrolled. This area requires the Grades and the Grade Book display options (see Image 6). 

Image 6: Grade and Grade Book Display Options


Image 7: Assignments Menu Item

Marking the Grade Book option under Grades OR under Scheduling will allow Mobile Portal users to enable and receive Assignment notifications.


In the Mobile App, the Attendance area displays the student's total absences and tardies for each course. This area requires the Attendance and Attendance Comments display options (see Image 8).

Image 8: Required Attendance Display Options

Selecting a course displays the date on which the student was marked absent or tardy and the status of the event (Excused, Unexcused, etc.).

Image 9: Attendance Menu Item


In the Mobile App, the Grades area display the overall letter grade and percentage the student received in the course for the selected term. This area requires the Grades and Grade Book display options to be selected (see Image 10).

Image 10: Required Grades Display Options

Image 11: Grades Menu Item


Schedule is only available in the Android version of the Campus Mobile Portal.

In the Mobile App, the Schedule area includes the courses in which the student is currently scheduled. In addition to selecting the Schedule option and selecting the desired schedule from the dropdown list, also select the Terms to display by marking the desired terms.

Sometimes it is helpful to only display the current term. If this is done, at the end of that selected term, the Display Options will need to be modified to display the next term. Otherwise, no information will display in the app until the next term is selected. 

If a school only posts grades in a term which is not marked for display, the term will still display within the app in order for students and parents to see posted grades.

The following table describes each display option:

Display Option(s)Result
Schedule + Display TermsUsers can view their schedule but cannot view grades within the schedule.
Schedule + Display Terms + Grade BookUsers can view their schedule, view grades and drill down grade information.

Image 12: Required Schedule Display Options

On the app, select the Schedule option from the main view. The student's schedule for the current term displays. Selecting a course option displays the teacher's name, room location, any assignments that are due soon and grading tasks assigned to the course.

Image 13: Schedule Menu Item

Food Service

In the Mobile App, the Food Service area displays Food Service Account information. This only applies to Campus Food Service enabled districts. If this is marked for districts that do not use Campus Food Service, there is no impact.

Image 14: Required Food Service Display Options

After selecting the Food Service option from the main view of the app, the Account Name, the Account Number and the Balance information displays.

Image 15: Food Service in iOS 7+

Image 16: Food Service in iOS 6

Image 17: Example of an Account with a Balance

Contact Preferences

When Push Notifications are enabled, users receive a message when changes are made to a student's attendance information, grade information or assignments. The Contact Preference option needs to be turned on so the notifications can be received by a parent or student. Users do need to modify their settings to receive messages.

Image 18: Contact Preference Display Option

Image 19: Enable Push Notifications Preference

Image 20: iOS Notifications Setting

Image 21: Android Notifications Setting