Kansas Student Transportation

PATH: Student Information > General > Transportation

The student Transportation tab provides a space for users to record a student's transportation information. From here, users are able to define a student's bus stop(s). bus(es) used during the school day, typical arrival/departure times and the amount of miles transported per day.

Information on this page relates to Kansas districts only. All other users, see the Student Transportation page for information.

Image 1: Student Transportation Tab

State Reporting Transportation Modifications

Due to the modifications made to the Student Transportation tab (see Release Notes for 1027 Release Pack), modifications were made to the Student Transportation Report. Transportation information is reported in KIDS Extract.

District Defined Elements have not been modified as part of this enhancement. 

Additional information on the KIDS Extract is available on the Kansas Localizations page.

Transportation and Enrollment Modifications

The following changes have been made:

Image 2: Student Enrollment Record

KIDS Collection Extract Modifications

The following modifications have been made to the KIDS Collection Extract due to this enhancement: