Health Condition Summary Report



PATH: Health > Reports > Health Condition Summary


The Health Conditions Summary report will allow users to review health conditions, including the ability to view conditions by groupings, such as allergies. This report will consist of aggregate numbers and grand totals on health conditions for students.

This report uses a Health Condition Group selection option to provide users more flexibility in organizing and reporting health conditions. Groups can be created in the Attribute/Dictionary in HealthConditionList > Group. They will then be available to add to a Health Condition.

Health Condition Summary Report

Report Logic

This report includes health conditions for any student enrolled during the date range. Conditions ended before the date range or with a start date after the date range will not be included.

The report includes a list of conditions organized by health condition group, a description of the condition and two aggregated columns that list the Total number of conditions assigned to students for that condition and a total number of health alerts that are recorded for that health condition. A student is counted as having a condition with a health alert when the Flag box is checked on the student's condition record.

An enrollment record marked as state exclude, a grade level marked as state exclude or a calendar marked as state exclude does not remove the student from being included in the report.

Report Editor Details

Extract Options

The Health Conditions Summary Report is based on a Start Date and End Date. The end date is defaulted to the end date of the selected calendar in the Campus toolbar. These dates look at active students who have the selected conditions. Dates are entered in mmddyy format, or use the calendar icon to select a date.

The Include Calendars checkbox will remove the list of selected calendars from the printed version of the report.

Health Condition Groups

Users should select the desired health conditions to appear on the report by group. The default options are All Conditions and Health Conditions (non-grouped). Additional groups created in the attribute/dictionary will also be listed.

Calendar SelectionsSelect calendars to choose the student data to report. The calendar selected in the Campus toolbar will be automatically chosen. Calendars can be chosen by active year, list by school or list by year.

Generate the Report

  1. Enter the Start Date for which to report health conditions.
  2. Enter the End Date for which to report health conditions.
  3. Mark the Include Calendars checkbox to display calendar information on the printed report. When un-selected, the report will not display calendar names.
  4. Select the Health Condition Groups to include in the report.
  5. Click the Generate Report button. The report will open in a new window listing a summary of student health conditions during the entered date range.

Health Conditions Summary Report