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The student's Grades tab lists the grades the student received for each grading task or standard assigned to the course, including grading tasks and standards that are assessed one time throughout the student's school career. These grades are added by teachers in the Grade Book or using the Posting by Task or Posting by Student tools in Campus Instruction. Other staff at the school, like counselors or administrative staff, may also record grades for students using the Grading by Task or Grading by Student tools in the Scheduling module.

Final grades, In-Progress Grades and Future In-Progress Grades display here. In-progress grades are calculated from entered scores on classroom assignments. Future in-progress grades are calculated when the teacher uses a cumulative grading calculation. Scores display when an assignment has scored data within the date range of the term. 

Student Grades Tab

Future In-Progress Grades are considered such until the current date is within that term's date range. That grade displays as a future in-progress grade until the first date of the term. On that day, that grade displays as an in-progress grade. The grade could display as an in-progress grade earlier if the student turns in a future assignment early. For example, Term 4 begins April 15. The teacher has already scored an assignment for a student that has a due date of April 20. That grade displays as an in-progress grade immediately when scored.

Each Custom GPA calculation associated with the student's calendar of enrollment display at the bottom of the Grades tab, ordered by the GPA Calculation's sequence and name. If there is a custom GPA calculation, the Rolling Cumulative GPA calculation does not display.

When the Rolling Cumulative Grades value is blank on the Grades tab, the Term GPA Report does not include this value.

Custom GPA Display

View Detailed Grade Information

If given proper tool rights, a grade book icon displays on the Grades tab for staff in the school. Principals, counselors, special education team members can view how the student did in that course. Listed here is the same information that parents see when viewing detailed grade information on the Portal:

Click the Back to Grades Summary to return to the main view of the Grades tab.

See the Student Profile article for more detailed grade information, along with student attendance and behavior data, and a list of to-do items for the student.


Student Grades Detail

Print Report Cards

Select the dropdown arrow to choose a report card to print. These report cards are created in the Report Preferences area in System Administration and are saved for use later when generating report cards for all students in a grade level (using the Report Card) or for generating here on the Grades tab.

When a student has multiple enrollments in the district, users (when assigned proper tool rights to Additional Enrollment Grades) are able to print report cards for the other enrollments. Report cards for each enrollment are organized by the school name.

When the calendar includes multiple schedule structures, the available report cards display based on the selected Schedule Structure. If the Schedule Structure dropdown in the Campus tool bar is set to All, all reports cards for all schedule structures are listed. If a specific schedule structure is selected, only report cards for that structure are listed.

The selected report card prints grades and attendance related to the selected schedule structure.

Report cards generated in a PDF, allowing users to print as needed.

Print Report Cards