FS Deposit (Households)

PATH: Census > Household > FS Deposit

This functionality is only available in districts that have purchased Campus Point-of-Sale as add-on functionality.

The FS Deposit screen allows a district to enter new deposits, void existing deposits and review account balances for any patron in a household. In general, this tool is used to manage deposits made to student accounts.

All members of the household will be shown in the Household Member Deposits List editor. However, only the members who have Food Service accounts will appear in black text and have a Deposit Detail editor to track their deposits. Members of the household who do not have an account will be shown in gray text.

Household FS Deposits

To view the details of an existing deposit, click on the deposit in the Deposits Detail editor. The details cannot be edited, as they are read-only.

Household Member Deposits List Editor

Column Header



Name of household member.


An "X" in the NSF (No Sufficient Funds) column indicates the district has had to collect money from this patron. This is a visual flag to warn staff members not to accept checks from this person.


The birth date of the household member.


The discounted meal status (free or reduced) of the individual. If the student does not qualify for free or reduced meal purchases, this column will be blank.

If a student's eligibility should NOT be viewed by cashiers processing meal purchases the Eligibility setting of the POS Preferences should be disabled.

Grd (Grade)

Grade level of the household member.

# (Number)

Total number of deposits given for that household member.


Dollar amount of the deposit.


The net total of deposits. If a deposit has been voided, this total will reflect that adjustment.

Deposits Detail Editor

Column Header



Date on/for which the transaction was posted.


Comments on the transaction, as entered by the user. If the deposit has been made by a parent/student through use of the Portal Payments tool, this field will indicate the payment method (e.g., Visa, Checking Account, Savings Account").


The type of deposit: Cash, Check or CC (Credit Card).


The amount of the deposit credited to the patron.


The net total of deposits. If a deposit has been voided, this total will reflect that adjustment.