Enrollment Cleanup Wizard

PATH: System Administration > Student > Enrollment Cleanup Wizard

The Enrollment Cleanup Wizard walks a user through the process of removing enrollment records in the future for students who have withdrawn prior to the start of the next school year. These enrollments are often created using the Enrollment Roll Forward tool, which is done before the end of the current school year.

Enrollment Cleanup Wizard

This wizard is also part of the School Choice process and allows districts to create enrollment records for students who have applied for attendance in the school but did not end up attending.

Enrollment Cleanup Logic

This wizard will remove next year's enrollment records that were created using the Enrollment Roll Forward tool if either of the following is true.

It also removes any roster records that may have existed for the student.

Use the Enrollment Cleanup Wizard

  1. Select the Calendar from which to clean up the enrollment records.
  2. Select the Grade Levels from which to remove the enrollment records.
  3. Select the Service Type of enrollment records.
  4. Click the Run Test button to review which enrollment records will be deleted.
  5. Click the Run Cleanup button to permanently remove the enrollment records for the students who meet the above requirements.

A Results Summary report will display for both the Run Test and the Run Cleanup buttons, listing how many enrollments were deleted.