Enabling Online Payments

Enabling Online Payment Functionality

Before a district is able to begin using Online Payment functionality, a number of actions must first be taken.

Infinite Campus does not store, view or have access to any credit card numbers. All confidential information is securely stored by Vanco Services, LCC. All payment transaction processing is handled by Vanco Services, LLC. Vanco Services will work directly with the school district to address any payment transactions issues encountered. Portal users will need to contact the school district about transaction errors that may be encountered during the payment process. For districts, this means contacting Vanco Services when appropriate via a designated district employee. Any issues occurring within the Infinite Campus user interface should be addressed to Infinite Campus.

About Vanco Services, LLC

Vanco Services, LLC is PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider specializing in electronic payments. Vanco is a trusted name in the industry, providing services to over 15,000 organizations for more than 18 years. All payment transactions made via the Infinite Campus portal are directly routed to Vanco Services, LLC and in no part of the transaction process is Infinite Campus storing, monitoring or able to view any information. For more information on Vanco Services, LLC, please refer to vancopayments.com.

Online Payment Tool Rights

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > Tool Rights

In order to properly configure and use Online Payment functionality, users must be assigned the appropriate tool rights.

Tool Rights determine the level of access users have to tools throughout Campus. This article refers to tool rights in abbreviated form (i.e., R, W, A, D or any combination of the four). Sub-rights appear as italicized.


R (Read)

The R right indicates the information on the corresponding tool may be viewed by the user. When applicable, the user is also allowed to print information. The user will NOT have access to the Save, Add or Delete icons in the action bar.

W (Write)

The W right indicates the user may view and modify the information on the corresponding tool. The Save icon in the action bar will be functional. This right allows the user to modify only existing data in the area since adding new data is controlled by the A right. This right includes the ability to change or remove data from a specific field.

A (Add)

The A right indicates the user may view, modify and add to the information on the corresponding tool. The New and Add icons in the action bar will be functional. This right allows the user to add new data/records.

D (Delete)

ASSIGN THIS RIGHT WITH CAUTION. The D right indicates the information on the corresponding tool may be deleted. The Delete icon in the action bar will be functional. This right provides the ability to completely remove an existing record, including all data contained within the record. The ability to change/remove data from a field is controlled through the W right.

RWAD Rights assigned at the module or folder level give those rights to all features within the module. For example, giving RW rights to the Payments folder assigns RW rights to all tools within that folder, including any subrights.

If Payment Bank Accounts are established at the school level, users must have Modify tool rights to the appropriate school calendar(s) in order to have access to schools when setting up bank accounts. The user responsible for setting up Online Payment Information within Campus MUST have modify rights to at least one calendar and full tool rights to the Payments module.

Online Payment Tool Rights