Deduction Extract

The information on this page is for Campus Payroll module users only.

PATH: Human Resources > Reports > Deduction Extract

The Deduction Extract reports information based on deductions taken in the selected Pay Type and Pay Period. The report automatically includes the Staff Number, Staff Name, Deduction Code, Amount, Pay Period End Date, and indicator that describes whether the deduction is an employee deduction or an employer deduction. Districts can also optionally include any of the following details in the report: SSN, Payment Number, Deduction Totals, Deduction Wages, Payment Date, and Summary Totals.

Example Deduction Extract Editor

Generating the Report

  1. Select the Deduction/Benefit Code(s) on which you want to report.
  2. Select the Pay Type and Pay Period .
  3. Mark the Employer Amount on a Second Row checkbox to display the amount the employer paid.

    When this option is selected, the Deduction Totals and Summary Totals options are disabled.

  4. Select from the following Include Options.

    OptionWhen selected...
    SSNthe employee's SSN displays on the report.
    If you do not have tool rights to view the SSN, this option is disabled.
    Payment Numberthe payment number displays on the report.
    Deduction Totals

    Campus totals the employee and employer deductions and displays the total on a single line.

    When the Employer Amount on a Second Row checkbox is marked, this option is disabled.

    Deduction Wagesthe gross wages applicable to the deduction calculation display on the report.
    Payment Datethe payment date displays on the report.
    Summary Totalssummary totals for all employee deduction amounts, all employer deduction amounts, and a total of all applicable wages displays at the bottom of the report.
    When the Employer Amount on a Second Row checkbox is marked, this option is disabled.
  5. Click Generate.
    The report displays in CSV format according to the options you selected.

    Deduction Extract Example