Configure Evaluation Periods

PATH: Staff Evaluations > Staff Evaluations Setup > Evaluation Periods

PATH: Human Resources > Administration > Staff Evaluations Setup > Evaluation Periods (HR Enabled)

Evaluation Periods specify the period of time during which the staff evaluation process may occur.

You can also define a new Evaluation Period by copying an existing Evaluation Period.

Complete the following steps to define a new Evaluation Period.

  1. Click the New button.
    The New Evaluation Period editor displays.
  2. Enter a unique Code to identify the Evaluation Period.
  3. Enter a detailed Description of the Evaluation Period.
  4. Enter the first date of the Evaluation Period in the Start Date field.
  5. Enter the last date of the Evaluation Period in the End Date field. (optional)

  6. Click the Save button.
    The new Evaluation Period displays in the Evaluation Period group.

Setup Checklist (Staff Evaluations)

Evaluation Periods