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The Conditions tab lists all medical conditions that have been reported for a student at the school. From this tab, users are able to view or delete current conditions or create a new condition for a student. This tab also allows users to enter treatment information on a condition and establish a schedule for when treatment(s) should occur.

The following articles provide information on Student Health Conditions:

Student Health Conditions

A Health Condition symbol will appear next to the student's name throughout Infinite Campus, indicating the student has a health condition.

The EMT symbol will only appear if the following is set:

  • The System Preference Flag Health Conditions is set to Yes.
  • The Condition in the Condition List is marked as flagged.
  • The Health Condition assignment for the student is marked as flagged.

Health Condition - EMT Symbol

Conditions and treatments can be added for a student AFTER the Condition List and Treatment List are populated in System Administration.

Health Conditions and treatments are often entered together. The Student Health interface combines the entry of conditions and the entry of treatments for complete health information on a student.

Conditions are entered into Campus using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) medical coding system, however this process can be simplified by using the Description Search box located in the top right corner and activated by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

Student Health Condition Entry

Health Condition Data Elements

The following table defines the available data elements on the student's Health Condition.

Data Elements


Code Search

Search field used to return codes associated with a health condition.

Description Search

Search field used to return health descriptions associated with a condition. Conditions which are not marked as "Active" in System Administration will not appear in this search.


ICD code associated with a health condition.


ICD description of a health condition. Conditions no longer marked as "Active" in System Administration will be labelled as "INACTIVE".

Start Date

Date the health condition was first assigned to the student. Dates determine whether the condition appears in the Health Office Visits tab. This start date is the date the school became aware of the condition, not when the student was diagnosed with the condition.

End Date

End date of the health condition. Dates determine whether the condition appears in the Health Office Visits tab.


Indicates whether the health condition is one of the following:

  • R: Resolved
  • N: Not resolved
  • U: Unknown


Initials of the individual entering the health condition.

Doctor Name

Name of the student's doctor. This information is used in conjunction with Medicaid billing services.

Doctor Phone

Phone number of the doctor.


Indicates the health condition can be marked to appear next to the student's name. This is selected when a flag should appear next to the student’s name in the header row. The condition start and end dates determine when the icon will display.

User Warning

Tool tip that will appear when the EMT symbol is hovered over. This field is required when the Flag checkbox is marked.


Detailed guidance on how to handle the student if the health condition affects the student during the school day.


Additional comments related to the health condition.

Health Condition Flags

If a student has more than one condition that is flagged, only one EMT symbol will display.  All user warnings will be listed in one hover box. Health Condition flags that display as an EMT symbol are not the same as medical flags that may also be created.

As previously mentioned, the EMT symbol will only appear if the following is set:

Medical flags display when:

For more information about the condition, users can click the EMT symbol, which will display descriptions, the entered user warnings and any entered instructions in a pop-up window.

 Health Condition - EMT Flag Display Information

Print Health Conditions

Click the Print icon to display a list of the student's conditions. For reports with more detail, see the Health Condition Summary report or the Health Conditions Alert report.

Health Conditions Print