Condition List

PATH: System Administration > Health > Condition List

The Health Condition List holds the conditions or diseases that students may have. This condition can be listed on the student’s health tab and approved medications can then be tracked for the student.

Image 1: Condition List

Health Condition List Prerequisites

The following items must be done prior to creating health conditions.

Health System Preferences

PATH: System Administration > Preferences > System Preferences

System Preferences are available that affect the display and logic of health conditions and condition flags when assigned to a student. These preferences should be reviewed and set as appropriate for the school district.

These preferences must be set for conditions to work properly.

Condition List Groups

PATH: System Administration > Custom > Attribute/Dictionary

Groups can be created for Health Conditions to better organize the list of conditions a district may have. This is done by adding a Group dictionary item to the Health Condition List attribute.

Image 2: Health Group Attribute Dictionary

Adding Health Condition Dictionary Items

  1. Expand the Health Condition List folder in the Campus Attributes/Dictionary Editor.
  2. Expand the Group heading within the Health Condition List folder.
  3. Select the Dictionary link.
  4. Enter a Code for the group. Codes can be entered as numbers or letters. This can be the name of the group health office staff would search under for an appropriate condition.
  5. Enter the Name of the item.
  6. If there is a specific sequence in how condition lists should appear, enter a Sequence. Sequences of 1 appear first in sort lists. If no sequence is entered, the group names will appear alphabetically or numerically, depending on the entered code.
  7. Enter a Value for the dictionary item.
  8. Mark the item as Active. This will display the group name in the selection editor for Health Conditions.
  9. To add additional dictionary items, click the Add Campus Dictionary button.
  10. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.
  11. When finished, click the Save icon. New (active) dictionary items will be available for selection when entering health condition options in System Administration.

Creating a New Health Condition

  1. Select the New icon. The Health Condition List Detail editor will appear below.
  2. Mark the Active checkbox to allow the condition to be assigned to a student. If not selected, the condition can still be saved, but will not appear in the list of conditions for a student. The condition will appear in the Condition List Editor in non-bold font. Active conditions appear in bold font.
  3. When the condition is assigned to a student, districts have the option of displaying a condition flag next to the student’s name. If this new condition should cause a flag to appear next to a student’s name, mark the Flagable checkbox.
  4. Enter the code for the treatment within the Code field. This code can be a state code for a certain treatment, a district code, or a code number that comes from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) list.

    Codes can be up to 10 digits or characters in length.

  5. Enter the type of condition within the Type field. This type can be a state code for a certain treatment, a district code, or a code that comes from the ICD list.
  6. Enter a description for the condition within the Description field. This description can be up to sixty characters in length, including any spaces or punctuation.
  7. Designate a group to the condition by selecting a group from the dropdown list. If no group option is appropriate for the condition, leave this field blank. Groups are created in the Attribute Dictionary.
  8. Select the Save icon when finished. The new condition will appear within the Health Condition List Editor.