CallerID Preferences

This article only applies to schools/districts that use Campus Messenger with Voice add-on functionality. Please review the District Setup Checklist before the initial configuration of these settings.

PATH: System Administration > Messenger > Messenger Preferences > CallerID Preferences

The CallerID Preferences are used to configure Campus Voice Messenger. Voice message communication is enabled through Shoutpoint and the configuration of this screen is required for Shoutpoint delivery of Campus-created voice messages to recipients.

These settings only apply to voice messages; they do not affect email messaging.

Configuring Caller ID

This tool allows the district to specify a caller ID number to be shown to recipients of phone messages. The phone number shown may be individualized to reflect the specific school phone number or the district phone number. The caller ID phone numbers should reflect numbers that message recipients can call back with additional questions.

When a school is selected, the school phone numbers will auto-populate the Messenger Caller ID Detail editor. The displayed number is pulled from the Phone field of the School tool. If All Schools is selected in the Campus toolbar, the district phone number will display, as entered in the Phone field on the District Information tool.

The user may enter a specific phone number for each message type, if desired. The phone number may be mass-assigned for all types of messages by clicking the Fill Empty Values with this Number button. All populated values may be removed by clicking the Clear All Values button.