Calendar Tab

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The Calendar tab stores basic information about the calendar, including many fields which impact how the calendar is included within state reports and accountability calculations.

Maine users should also review the Calendar Rights for Maine page for specific functionality.

Calendar Information

Available Fields

The fields listed here are core fields. See state-specific information for other fields that may display on this editor.



Calendar ID

A unique identification number assigned to a calendar upon creation.


The school assigned to the calendar.


The name of the calendar. This name displays in the Campus toolbar and on reports.


The local calendar number. This number is user defined and does not override or affect the Calendar ID number. It is used in state reports or can represent the type of calendar, if a designation is needed across all schools in the district (for summer school calendars for example).


Allows entry of a whole numeric (decimals are not allowed) value (1-1000) that is used to sort calendars. When a school has multiple calendars, enter a sequence to display a specific calendar first in the Campus toolbar. Calendars that have a sequence value are ordered numerically in the Calendar dropdown list, starting with 1 (a calendar with a sequence of 1 displays in the dropdown before a calendar with a sequence of 2).

The same sequence value can be assigned to multiple calendars. If this is done, the calendars are then ordered alphabetically.

Calendars with a sequence display first in the Campus toolbar, sorted numerically. Calendars without a sequence are sorted alphabetically. If not all calendars are assigned a sequence, those that are assigned a sequence display before those that are not assigned a sequence.

Start Date

The start date of the calendar. This is not necessarily the first instruction day of the school year.

End Date

The end date of the calendar. This is not necessarily the last instruction day of the school year.

Summer School

Indicates the calendar includes a summer school term.

Student Day (instructional minutes)

The number of instructional minutes which define a complete instructional day of school for a student.

See the Configure Attendance Parameters article for more information.

Teacher Day (minutes)

The number of minutes which define a complete school day for teachers.


Excludes the calendar from state reporting, Accountability calculations and various reports throughout Campus.

Whole Day Absence (minutes)

The number of minutes a student must be absent in a school day to be counted as whole day absent.

See the Configure Attendance Parameters article for more information.

Half Day Absence (minutes)

The number of minutes a student must be absent in a school day to be counted as half day absent.

See the Configure Attendance Parameters article for more information.

School Choice

Indicates the calendar allows for School Choice applications. Marking this checkbox places a school choice application section on the Portal, assuming the School Choice Display Option is also marked.


The type of calendar (i.e., Instructional, Summer School, Alternative, etc). This field impacts when/how the calendar is pulled into various state and local reports as well as how it is included in Accountability calculations.

This selection also determines when attendance information prints on the student Transcript.

BIE Type

Indicates the BIE calendar type.

This field only applies to BIE customers and is only accessible in BIE versions of Campus.

Require Student Assignment

Mark this checkbox if the calendar is participating in school choice and enrollments in this calendar are based on student assignment policies. This checkbox is used as part of the Roll Forward Process.

When this option is marked and the School Boundary Warning system preference is turned on, an enrollment cannot be saved for a student if a student's address does not meet the entered School Boundary settings, unless an override type is established that allows the enrollment to occur.

Exclude from SIF Exchange

If checked, the calendar is excluded from the zone year where the calendar year matches the SIF Zone scoped year. This allows schools/districts to control which calendars should not be transmitted in vertical reporting situations.

This field is only visible and accessible to customers who have a SIF Zone set up in their environment.

External LMS Exclude

If a district is sharing Campus data with an external learning management system, this checkbox can be used to exclude specific records from being shared.

This designation also applies to all Courses, Schedule Structures, Grade Levels, Sections and Enrollments associated with this Calendar. If the Exclude checkbox is marked for the School associated with this Calendar, that designation also applies to this Calendar.


Additional comments about the calendar.

Days per Week

(Arizona Districts only)

Indicates the number of days per week for the selected calendar.

Editing Calendar Information

Calendar information can only be edited. New calendars are created and existing data is entered when using the Calendar Wizard.

  1. Modify the Name of the Calendar as appropriate.
  2. Enter the Number of the calendar.
  3. If desired, enter the Sequence value for the calendar.
  4. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the calendar.
  5. If this is a summer school calendar, mark the Summer School checkbox.
  6. Enter the total instructional minutes for the Student Day.
  7. Enter the total minutes for the Teacher Day.
  8. If information in this calendar should not be used in state reports, mark the Exclude checkbox. 
  9. Enter the total minutes that is considered a Whole Day of Absence.
  10. Enter the total minutes this is considered a Half Day of Absence.
  11. If the calendar allows enrollments based on School Choice, mark the School Choice checkbox.
  12. If School Choice is marked for this calendar, mark the Require Student Assignment if required for the school choice process.
  13. Enter any Comments associated with the calendar.
  14. Click the Save icon. The information will be saved. 

After entering Calendar information, Grade Levels, Schedule Structures, Calendar Terms and Periods and School Days can be entered/or modified.