Batch Updates

PATH: System Administration > School Choice > Batch Updates

The Batch Updates wizard will edit the school choice application for all students. Only future calendars marked as school choice display. Only applications that have not been posted can be modified.

School Choice Batch Updates

Batch Update Wizard Editor

The following table defines the options available on this wizard.

School SelectionOnly applications from the chosen schools will have applications updated.
Calendar SelectionBased on the selected schools, calendars for those schools display for selection. Only selected calendars will have applications updated.
Grade Level SelectionAfter choosing the calendars, select the grade levels for which to update applications.
Batch Update Mode

Only one update mode may be chosen at any time when running this wizard. This means the schools/calendars/grades selected to have enable portal acceptance can be chosen again in order to turn off portal acceptance. The following options are available:

  • Enable Portal Acceptance - allows students/parents to accept enrollment in the selected school.
  • Disable Portal Acceptance - removes the ability for students/parents to accept enrollment in the selected school.
  • Change Acceptance Status - alters the status of accepted applications from one option to another. When this is chosen, two new options display for selection (Acceptance Status Filter and New Acceptance Status).
  • Lock/Unlock Approval Status - sets the approval status as whatever chosen option (based on selection in the Approval Status Filter) to be locked or unlocked. When locked, no further changes can be made.
Approval Status FilterAllows selection of the status of the entered applications.
Acceptance Status Filter and New Acceptance Status

Only appears for Change Acceptance Status Mode. The chosen status changes existing applications to the new status set in the New Acceptance Status Status.

Use the Batch Update Wizard

  1. Select one or more School.
  2. Select the Calendars for the applications to update.
  3. Select the Grade Levels for which to process applications.
  4. Select the desired mode.
  5. If applicable, select the Approval Status.
  6. If applicable, select the Lock or Unlock action.
  7. Select the Update Applications button. Applications will be updated.