Application Conflict

PATH: System Administration > School Choice > Reports > Application Conflict

The Application Conflict report lists any conflicts between the approved school choice applications and existing enrollment records.

Application Conflict Report

Report Logic

The report uses School Choice data from the student's Census School Choice tab and any existing enrollment records. Any School Choice records marked as APP: Approved are compared with the student's enrollments for the next school year.

Report Editor

The following options are available on the Application Conflict Report.

School SelectionSelection indicates which school is used to find application conflicts. At least one school must be selected in order to generate the report. The school selection determines the calendars that can be selected.
Calendar SelectionSelection indicates which calendars are used to find application conflicts. At least one calendar must be selected in order to generate the report. Calendars can be selected by the Next Year (where the applications exist), by School or by Year. The calendar selection determines the available grade levels.
Grade SelectionSelection indicates which grade levels are included in the report. This list is based on the selected calendar. Choosing a grade level is optional and not required for the report to generate; however, if multiple schools and calendars are selected, choosing grade levels will limit the results returned.

Generate the Application Conflict Report

  1. Select the Schools to include in the report.
  2. Select the Calendars for the selected schools to include in the report.
  3. Select the Grade Levels to include in the report.
  4. Click the Generate Report button.

The report displays in a new window listing students who have conflicts with school choice applications.

Application Conflict Report