About Evaluation Workflows

Campus provides three different workflows for completing evaluations.

The following workflows represent the steps that users take in Campus to complete the evaluation process. Your district may require in-person meetings not indicated by these workflows.

Staff Reflection and Acknowledgement (Full Process)

This workflow allows the employee to review the evaluator's ratings and reflections and provide their own ratings and reflection before the evaluation is complete.

Staff Acknowledgement (No Reflection)

This workflow allows the employee to review the evaluator's ratings and reflections. Then the employee can provide their own comments and send the comments back to the evaluator for further review or acknowledge the evaluation to complete the process. In this workflow, the direct report does NOT select any personal ratings.

No Staff Reflection or Acknowledgement

This workflow allows the supervisor to evaluate their direct report without sending the evaluation to the employee. The direct report will have access to the completed review.

Evaluation Statuses

As evaluations move through the workflow, they are assigned the following statuses.

DraftThe evaluation is assigned to the supervisor and they can select the initial ratings, enter comments and possibly attach supporting files. This is also the only status in which an evaluation may be deleted.Supervisor
ReflectionThe evaluation is currently assigned to the direct report for review where they can enter ratings and comments. The supervisor may also make changes at this time. Changes entered by the supervisor cannot be seen by the direct report.Direct Report
ReturnedThe direct report has reviewed the evaluation, made comments or changes and has sent the evaluation to their supervisor for further review.Supervisor
Evaluator ReviewThe direct report has sent their feedback to the supervisor.Supervisor
AcknowledgementThe evaluation is currently assigned to the direct report and is waiting for their acknowledgement.Direct Report
Evaluator to CompleteThe direct report has acknowledged the evaluation and the evaluation is currently assigned to the supervisor.Supervisor
CompleteThe evaluation workflow is complete. The evaluation may be viewed by the administrator, supervisor and direct report.N/A