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The Translations editor lists the values for the fields on the appropriate tool (module) or application in the selected language. At this time, translations can only be entered for the Campus Portal.

Translations Editor

The first level is the selected tool/application. Then, the language is listed. All of the pages available within that module are listed. When the page is selected, fields that can be translated display. In the image below, the Assessment page is selected in the Application list for the Spanish translation. When the portal user has selected Spanish as their language of choice, the Assessment page in the Portal displays the text entered in the Translations column.

Assessment Text Entry, Assessment Portal Page

Be aware of the following:

Enter Translations

Translations are entered for fields on a selected page. Paragraphs of text are not translated.

  1. Select the page of the module/application for which to enter translations.
  2. A Translations editor displays. On the left is the Key, or what field is being translation. The middle Translation field is where the word is entered in the selected language. On the right is the English Text.
  3. Enter the translation for the field in the Translation field. If a translation field isn't populated for a field, the English text displays.
  4. Click the Save icon when finished.

In the example below, the Attendance page on the Portal has been translated into Spanish. When a portal user accesses the Attendance page and has Spanish selected as the language of choice, the Attendance page displays in Spanish.

Attendance Portal View

Activate a Language

When a language is added on the Language tab, it is inactive. After the translations are entered for a language, it needs to be activated. Once activated, users can select it as an option.

For the Portal, both student and parents can select a language in which to display the text by choosing a language at the bottom of any Portal page.

Language Active Field

Download Translations

When a language is selected, a Download Translation editor is available. Users can download all translations or just missing translation for all fields in the module/application into a CSV format. This can be populated in house with the needed translations, or sent to a translation service.

Download Translation Editor
  1. Determine whether all fields in the module/application should be downloaded into the spreadsheet, or just the fields that are missing translations. Choose the appropriate radio button for All Translations or Missing Translations.
  2. Click the Download button. The CSV spreadsheet downloads as other downloads would. 
  3. Save the newly downloaded file and enter the translations or send it to your third party translator.

The CSV spreadsheet includes the selected Language Code, the label, the application from which the fields are being downloaded, the English Text that displays and the Translated Text.

CSV Download

Upload Translations

When the downloaded spreadsheet has been populated with translations, use the Upload Translations to upload the file and add the translations to the database. Or, upload a shared file that was available on the Community Forums.

Upload Translations Editor
  1. Click the Browse button to locate the file to upload.
  2. Click the Upload & Test button to test the format of the file before uploading. An error report displays when the test has been completed. Correct these issues prior to importing the file.
  3. Click the Upload & Import file to import the translated files to the database.

Share Translations

A Community Forum is available for users to share their translation files. Use the Download Translations process above and add your file to the forum for any language you have translated. In turn, import any translation file posted on the Forum that other districts have translated.

A link to the Portal Translations Exchange Forum is included on the Application Editor, displayed when a specific language is selected. It will open the Campus Community.

Portal Translations Exchange