Test Results

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The Test Results Report lists student test results that match the criteria selected. 

Image 1: Test Results Report Editor

Report Logic

The Test Results report looks for assessment records on the student's Assessments tab and reports them based on the selected options on the report.

Report Editor

Student Selection
GradeStudents are included in the report based on the selected grade level. Only those grade levels included in the school selected in the Campus toolbar are listed.
Ad hoc FilterStudents can also be included in the report by the selection of a saved ad hoc filter. Only students included in the selected filter print on the report when they meet other report logic.
Enrollment Effective DateIndicates the date on which the student must be actively enrolled in order to be included in the report. Dates are entered in mmddyy format or can be entered by selecting the calendar icon to choose a date. Today's date is the default.
Test Selection

The indication of an assessment being a State, National or District Test is based on the Test Detail assigned when creating the test in Test Setup.

When a type of test is chosen, those assessments marked as the chosen type display in a list below the type of test. If the option to display a certain type of test is not chosen, matching assessments do not display.

State TestsWhen chosen, selected state tests display for inclusion in the report. The default option is All State tests, but specific tests can be chosen. State Test Types (Subjects) can also be selected.
National TestsWhen chosen, selected national tests display for inclusion in the report. The default option is All National tests, but specific tests can be chosen.
District TestsWhen chosen, selected district tests display for inclusion in the report. The default option is All District tests, but specific tests can be chosen.
Test Options
Test Result

Choose the desired test result(s) to include on the report. "Passed" and "Failed" results are determined by the Passing Score checkbox on the Result Statuses; "Missing" includes tests that have no result statuses set up, tests in which the student has scores but no result, and tests that the student has no records for. "Best Test Score Only" displays the highest score the student has received when there are multiple scores for the same test.

Test ScoreChoose the desired value associated to the test score to include on the report. The default option is All , but specific results can be chosen. This reports the result of the test, not the actual score the student received.
Include tests' detail informationWhen marked, additional information about the test prints on the report, including test score comments and child test scores (which will include raw scores).
Add a page break between studentsWhen marked, a new page is reported for each student and the report header from the first page is displayed for each reported student.
Sort and Print Options
Sort OptionsData returned can be sorted by either Grade Level of enrollment, Student Name or Student Number.

Generating the Report

  1. Select the students to include on the report by choosing either a Grade level or an Ad hoc Filter.
  2. Enter the Enrollment Effective Date.
  3. Select the Type of tests to include and the Assessments to include for each selected Test Type.
  4. Select the desired Test Results.
  5. Select the desired Test Scores.
  6. If desired, mark the Include tests' detail information checkbox.
  7. Choose the desired Sort Option.
  8. Decide how to generate the report:
    1. Click the Submit to Batch button to send the report to the Batch Queue List. Batch Queue functionality provides the ability to schedule when the extract is generated and allows users to navigate away from the editor while the report is being built. The Batch Queue List also lets users view and access historical Test Result Reports which were run through the Batch Queue tool.
    2. Click the Generate Report button. The report will appear in a separate window in the designated format.

The columns that display on the report are hard-coded, meaning regardless of the options chosen on the report editor, all column headers print.

Image 2: Test Results Report, PDF Format

If more State Tests or Subjects are selected than will fit in the header, an Appendix is visible on the last page of the report, listing the State Test Codes and State Test Types (Subjects). A reference to the Appendix also prints in the report header.

Image 4: Appendix Referenced in Header

Below is an example of an included Appendix (Image 5).

Image 5: Test Results Appendix

Understanding Report Results

Use the table below to better understand report results.

Image 6: Test Example

The name of the test.

When a student has scores for a State test, the Name of the assessment as it displays in the Test Detail prints. When a student has no scores for a State test (Test Results=Missing must be selected), the Name of the assessment from the State Test Code displays.

For example, in a Minnesota setting, "MCA-II 2012 Grade 7 Reading" would print if the student had scores, but "MCA-II" would print if the student did not have scores/results for that State test.

Test TypeThe Subject associated with the test.
CodeThe Code for the Assessment as it is entered on the Test Detail. The code does not display when the student has no scores for a selected test.
DateThe date the test was taken by the student.
Scale Score

The Scale Score the student received for the test. This is the only score type that prints on the report.

Curve Result

The code from the Result as defined in the Result Statuses Editor.


The status of the result on the test. Passed and Failed are defined using the checkbox in the Result Statuses Editor. Missing indicates that there is no result defined for the test (the student has a score), or that the student has a score but no result, or that the student has no score or result for the test.