Reports (Campus Instruction)

Reports in Campus Instruction are sorted by the tools they relate to.

Accessing Reports in the Roster and the Planner

Use reports to view the following data about your sections:


Report NameUse to report
Reports (Attendance)
Attendance Change TrackingAttendance events that have been added and changed for a date range
Attendance RegisterAttendance for a term in a student-by-day grid
Attendance SummaryAttendance totals for a term by event type (excused, tardy, etc)
Positive Attendance Section SummaryTotal time spent in class for each student in a term (positive attendance)
Reports (Grade Book)
Flagged AssignmentsAssignments flagged as missing, exempt, late, or incomplete for students
Grade Book ExportAn export of your Grade Book in another format
Missing AssignmentsAssignments flagged as missing per student
Section SummaryScores for assignments and grades for tasks and standards
Student SummaryAssignment scores by student
Online Assessment Item AnalysisStudent performance on specific items across an assessment
Online Assessment Student ResponseResponses to items, by student.
Student Assessment SummaryStudent scores on assessments.
Grades ReportPosted grades for tasks and standards.
Assignment AnalysisA bar chart of students' performance on the selected assignment.
Reports (Planner)
Assignment StandardsStandards associated with assignments for a section
Blank SpreadsheetA blank spreadsheet of selected students
Section StandardsA list of standards aligned to the section's course
Curriculum ReportA list of assignments in the section with an overview of curriculum information.
Reports (Roster)
Blank SpreadsheetA blank spreadsheet of selected students
Portal UsageStudents and parents with Portal accounts and login activity
Roster LabelsRoster labels for mailing or classroom use