Notifications (Portal)

The Campus Portal was replaced by Campus Student and Campus Parent in Summer 2019.

PATH: Portal > Notification Bell

In the Portal, parents and students have the option of receiving notifications for attendance, score and grade changes, and low lunch balances. Grade change notifications are sent both for changes to final grades at the end of a term and changes to in-progress grades throughout the term.

Access notifications through the bell icon at the top of the Portal. The count totals the number of notifications you've received since you last looked at them.

Notifications in the Portal

Click the notification to go to the related area of the Portal, such as Attendance or Grades. Clickable messages are indicated by a gray carrot - other messages are for informational purposes only.

The blue box next to a notification indicates if you've read the notification or not. Mark a notification as read by clicking this box, clicking the notification to go to the related area, or by clicking Mark All As Read in the notifications modal.

Click See More to view additional notifications. Be aware that notifications are deleted after 30 days.

Parents receive notifications for all students in their household, whereas students only receive notifications for themselves.

If a school is using composite grading (such as a semester grade automatically calculated from two quarter grades), Portal users may receive multiple notifications for single score change, since scoring an assignment could update multiple grades.

Notification Settings

The Notification Settings tool is at the bottom of the Portal index. Alternately, click the Settings link in the Notifications modal to access Settings. From here, you can opt out of receiving specific kinds of notifications and establish thresholds for those you do receive. Set thresholds to only receive notifications when a grade or score falls below the selected percentage or a lunch balance falls below the selected dollar amount.

The Low Lunch Balance option only affects the notification; e.g., the bell icon at the top of the portal. This option does NOT affect Food Service messages sent via the portal inbox, email, or voice/text message.

Portal Notification Settings

You won't receive notifications if any of these tools have been turned off by your district. Only districts using Campus Food Service will receive low balance notifications. More food service information is available in the Food Service tool.

Portal users who are also employed by the district may see notifications that cross platforms if they use the same account to access both applications, with Portal notifications displaying in the Campus application and vice versa.