Campus Learning Licensing

PATH: System Administration > Campus Learning > Campus Learning Licensing

The Campus Learning Licensing tool allows users to track Campus Learning licenses, including managing current licenses and requesting new ones. A free trial of the Campus Learning offering was available during the 17-18 school year.

Use the Licensing tool to review existing licenses and request new ones.

Visit What is Campus Learning? for more information about what is included in the Campus Learning offering. Use the Campus Learning Usage tool to review how participants in the 17-18 free trial of Campus Learning have used the tools offered.

Requesting a Campus Learning License

  1. Before requesting a license, review the Contact Information at the top of the screen. This contact information will be used by Campus Sales.
  2. Next, indicate if the license should be for the entire District, or for specific Schools and/or individual Teachers.  As selections are made, the estimated annual cost is calculated in the bottom corner. Sales will provide more information about this cost.
    • To select teachers, indicate the Number of Licenses to allocate and then mark individual teachers to grant them licenses. Access can be reassigned as needed by removing and adding checkmarks to different teachers.
    • Note: District or school level licenses are required for connections to OneRoster Grading Services, Google Drive and other types of LTI assignment-level integrations.
  3. Select any Other Features to get more information about an offering. Current options include:
    • Naiku: Districts and schools can purchase a Naiku license through Naiku and then integrate Naiku assessments with assignments, deliver them through Campus Student, and receive scores from Naiku.
  4. Click Request License to enable Campus Learning for a 45-day provisional license for the selected district, school(s) and/or teacher(s). Campus Sales will be in contact soon to discuss the requested license.

Users and groups who had rights to Campus Learning tools during the 17-18 free trial will have those rights restored for the 45-day provisional license and full Campus Learning license. Users and user groups who did not previously have rights to Campus Learning tools will need to be granted them in Users or User Groups.

Indicate a number of teacher licenses and then select teachers to give access (once rights are assigned).

Reviewing Existing Licenses

A summary of licenses in the district display at the top right of the licensing tools, with individual statuses shown in the License Types list.

License Statuses indicate whether the district, school, or teacher has access to Campus Learning tools.

Licenses include:

PendingLicense is within the 45-day provision. Teachers with tool rights can access Campus Learning tools.
ActiveLicense is fully active. Teachers with tool rights can access Campus Learning tools.
ExpiredLicense (provisional or full) has expired. No users can access Campus Learning tools.

Additional schools can be added and school licenses can be rolled into a district license by marking the appropriate checkboxes and clicking Update License. To add additional teachers, increase the Number of Licenses and indicate which teachers should have access.