Setting up Online Meal Benefit Applications

To properly enable and manage online Meal Benefit Applications, the following setup steps must be completed:

Step 1. Assign Proper Tool Rights and District Assignment Values

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > Tool Rights

In order for Campus application users to properly manage and process Meal Benefit Applications, proper tool rights must be assigned to appropriate users.

FRAM Tool Rights

Along with proper FRAM tool rights, users responsible for processing applications must have the FRAM Processor checkbox marked on their District Assignment.

FRAM Processor District Assignment

Step 2. Set Up Messenger Email Settings

PATH: System Administration > Messenger > Messenger Preferences > Email Settings

In order for online Meal Benefit Applications to function correctly, Messenger Email Settings must be established. See the Email Settings article for more information.

Messenger Email Settings

Step 3. Enable Password Reset

PATH: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > Password Reset Configuration

Password Reset functionality must be enabled for online Meal Benefit Applications to function correctly. Password Reset gives users the ability to reset their PIN (electronic signature) if they forget it. See the Password Reset Configuration article for detailed instruction on how to enable this feature.

Step 4. Enable E-Signature

PATH: System Administration > User Security > E-Signature

Meal Benefits Applications are not available on the Portal unless E-Signature functionality is enabled. E-Signature functionality allows application signers to submit a legally-binding signature with their application.

See the E-Signature article for instructions on setting up E-Signature functionality. See the Register PIN Number/Electronic Signature article for information on how E-Signature is used during the online Meal Benefits Application process.

Enabling E-Signature Functionality

Step 5. Create Permission Preferences

PATH: FRAM > FRAM Preferences > Permission Preferences

If your district provides additional educational benefits (i.e. reduced or no charge sports fees, text books, etc.) to students who have a free or reduced meal benefit, then permissions can be established on the Permissions Preferences tab. Permission Preferences allow the application signer to give the district permission to share their child(ren)'s free or reduced meal benefit with staff in charge of other school programs.

Permissions should be done before setting up Online Application templates as permissions will appear and can be established within templates.

Establishing Permission Preferences

Once permissions are established, application signers will be asked whether or not they authorize the district to share their student's meal benefit information with relevant district staff.

Meal Benefit Permissions on Application

Establishing permissions will also enable permissions to appear within the Household Applications tool, where the user can decide whether or not the child(ren)'s meal benefits are shared with relevant district staff members.

Permissions in Household Application Tool

Step 6. Establish Online Application Templates

PATH: FRAM > Letter Editor

Once permissions have been entered, Online Application and Inbox Message templates must be reviewed and filled out accordingly. These templates allow districts to dictate what text is provided to the Portal user during the online Meal Benefits Application process.

Establishing Online Application Templates

Step 7. Establish Application Preferences

PATH: FRAM > FRAM Preferences > Application Preferences

Users must establish Application Preferences related to Meal Benefit Application functionality. The fields highlighted below must be reviewed and entered appropriately.

For more information about each field, see the FRAM Preferences article.

Meal Benefit Application Preferences

Step 8. Enable Online Meal Benefit Application Functionality

PATH: FRAM > FRAM Preferences > Application Preferences

To enable online Meal Benefit Application functionality, mark the Meal Benefits checkbox on the Application Preferences tab. This checkbox is not available unless Steps 1 - 6 are completed first.

Enabling Meal Benefits Applications on Portal

Once this checkbox is marked and saved, the Applications/Forms section of the Portal will become available, allowing users to select the Meal Benefits Application hyperlink and begin submitting their applications to the district.

Submitting Meal Benefit Applications via Portal

PATH: Portal > Applications/Forms

Once Meal Benefit Application setup is complete, Portal users can now access and submit applications via the hyperlink within the Applications/Forms section of Portal.

For more information about the Portal application process, see the Meal Benefits Application (Portal) article.

Accessing the Meal Benefits Application in Portal