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In the Query Wizard, elements are organized in a straightforward pattern, so it is easy to select the elements needed. Filters can be designed with student information, census/staff information or course/section information.

Queries for students and course/section data will pull results from the calendar selected in the Campus toolbar. Census/Staff data will pull results from the entire Campus database, regardless of the calendar selected.

The following articles are available:

Filter Designer Query Wizard

Unless using the Data Warehouse, queries should be created in such a way to avoid large results. Generating large queries may cause performance issues.

An ad hoc row limit is set on the database at 5 million rows. Any query that returns more than this will be shortened. A warning message displays when this occurs.

When generating large queries and the Ad hoc Row Limit is met:

  • Select fewer fields to include in the query
  • Add more filters (see Add Functions to Filters) to reduce the number of records
  • Use direct SQL access

Filters including GPA fields may task the server. It is recommended that these queries be generated after normal school hours.

Report Display

Filters built in the the Filter Designer display in HTML format. The HTML output allows for column sorting, filtering, grouping, and exporting to Excel or PDF.

HTML Filter Display

To view the output in a simple HTML table, click the link at the top of the output. This displays the output without the ability to sort, group and organize the columns.

Calendar Selection

Select a saved Student Data Type and saved Course/Section filters and select from which calendars to report data. Select calendars by the active year, by the school name or by year. Select calendars by the active year, by the school name or by year. If a calendar is selected in the Campus Toolbar, that calendar is already selected.

Calendars cannot be selected if the query is for Census/Staff Data Types.

Only calendars to which the user is assigned calendar rights are available for selection.

Query Wizard Calendar Selection