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The Eligibility tool shows a student's eligibility for receiving free or reduced-price benefits. The USDA Food and Nutritional Services agency requires that districts track student eligibilities for federal reimbursement purposes.

State Edition users should also refer to the Eligibility (State) article.

Viewing a Student Eligibility Record

How Campus Updates Eligibility Records

Eligibility records are updated when a household applies for benefits, generally at the start of a school year or during the school year. When a household is approved for free or reduced meal benefits, student eligibilities are active for the current school year, plus an additional 30 days into the next school year. 

Records displayed in this tool are entered through one of the following methods:

Point-of-Sale users only: Changes made to a student's eligibility will NOT update existing meal transactions. Purchased transactions that exist on a student's account Journal are not automatically updated to reflect the changes in their eligibility. If updating existing meal transactions is necessary, a district staff member must manually modify the transactions in the student's account Journal.

 Eligibility Information in Ad hoc Query Wizard

Eligibility information is available in the Query Wizard for Student Data Types and Census/Staff Data Types. Fields can be selected from the following folders:

In the other Eligibility articles, the related Ad hoc Field is noted with the Field descriptions.


Query Wizard Eligibility Fields