Attendance Aggregation Refresh

PATH: System Administration > Attendance > Attendance Aggregation Refresh

The Attendance Aggregation Refresh (AAR) tool is used to recalculate and update the Attendance Day Aggregation table, from which the Chronic Absenteeism calculation is derived. The Federal definition of Chronically Absent is when the student has missed 10% or more of their scheduled days.

Attendance Aggregation Refresh

Tool Rights

For full access to the Attendance Aggregation Tool, users need to be assigned R rights to:

Attendance Aggregation Refresh

Attendance Refresh Logic

For most attendance recording, this tool does NOT need to be run. A quartz job has been added to your district's database that runs every night and stores attendance data from the most recent school day where attendance was taken.

The quartz job processes the following:

The quartz job is built to capture all attendance that was recorded for an attendance day and any roster changes, as listed in the table below. 

Student Attendance

Addition of a new Attendance Event

Modification (edit) of existing Attendance Event

Student Information > General > Attendance
Attendance WizardRecording of attendance using any available modeAttendance > Attendance Wizard
Classroom MonitorRecording of attendanceAttendance > Classroom Monitor
Daily AttendanceRecording of attendanceAttendance > Daily Attendance
Teacher AttendanceRecording attendance for a periodCampus Instruction > Attendance
Control CenterRecording attendance for a periodCampus Instruction > Control Center
Behavior ManagementRecording of behavior-related attendance event (expulsion, suspension, etc.)Behavior > Behavior Management > Add Resolution > Resolution Details > Attendance Code
Enrollment End BatchEnding student enrollmentsSystem Administration > Student > Enrollment End Batch
Post DiplomasAssignment of received diplomasProgram Admin > Course Plan Admin > Post Diplomas
Walk-In SchedulerModification of Course Section (delete, end date, start date, load, unload, end, restore, etc.)

Student Information > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

Schedule WizardAny change to courses in the active trial AFTER the term has begunScheduling > Schedule Wizard
Responsive SchedulingModification to sections

Scheduling > Responsive Scheduling

Campus Instruction > Responsive Scheduling

Portal > Responsive Scheduling

Course Section ChangesSection Roster changes

Scheduling > Courses > Course > Section > Roster Setup

Scheduling > Courses > Course > Section Roster Batch Edit

However, there are some situations where modifications to attendance is not captured. When the following actions occur, use AAR to capture any attendance and/or section roster changes related to these actions. It is assumed that these actions are being performed AFTER the start of the school year:

Enrollment Information

Modification of Enrollment Start Date

Modification of Enrollment End Date

In most cases, the end date added on an enrollment record would also be added to section roster information, in which case that action would be captured in the quartz job. This change only applies when the section roster information is NOT updated.

Student Information > General > Enrollment> Start Date, End Date

Census > People > Enrollments > Start Date, End Date

Course Information

Modification of a course recording attendance

Modification of a course being marked active

Scheduling > Courses > Course > Attendance

Scheduling > Courses > Course > Active

Calendar Information

Modification of Calendar Days

  • Day Reset
  • Day Rotation
  • Day Details
  • Multi-Day Events

System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Days > Day Reset, Day Rotation, Multi-Day Event,

System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Days > Instruction, School Day, Attendance

Calendar Information

Modification of Calendar Periods

  • Changes to period start/end times
  • Marking a period as non-instructional (when previously marked as instructional)
  • Marking a period as instructional (when previously marked as non-instructional)
  • Altering Lunch Time minutes

System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Periods > Period Info, Non-Instructional, Lunch Time

Values must be entered into the Calendar Period Start and End Time fields.

Attendance Aggregation Quartz Job

The quartz job is automatically added to district databases when the Campus.1821 Release Pack is taken.

The quartz job checks all calendars for the active school year. If the previous day in a calendar was an attendance-taking day, it aggregates student attendance data for that day, and generates a record in the AttDayAggregation table for each student who was scheduled into one or more instructional periods. It also updates any previously generated aggregation data where changes to the underlying Attendance and/or Roster data have been detected. The generated aggregation data provides totals across all instructional periods for a day, including statistics such as scheduled minutes, absent minutes, unexcused absent minutes, and the most common excuseID (where applicable). This data is then made available on individual students’ Attendance tab (in the Chronic Absenteeism Information section), and can be pulled into a report using Ad hoc Reporting tools, and is used for other reporting.

Things to know about this quartz job:

Manually Trigger Attendance Calculation Update

For up-to-the-minute attendance information, manually trigger an attendance refresh. When manually run BEFORE 11am, the current day's attendance data is NOT included. When manually run AFTER 11am, the current day's attendance data is included.

Perform this task after school hours and for a small calendar set.

  1. Select the Calendar(s) for which to process attendance updates. Calendars can be selected by the active year, by school or by year.
  2. Click the Submit to Batch button. The Attendance Aggregation Refresh tool processes and is listed in the Batch Queue list. When it is completed, a report that lists the calendars that were updated is available by clicking the Get the Report link in the Batch Queue list.

Attendance Aggregation Refresh Report

The Refresh tool updates the following attendance fields:

Aggregation Table Information in Ad hoc Reporting

Attendance Aggregation fields are available in the Query Wizard for Student Data Types. The fields are available within the Attendance > Attendance Day Aggregation folder.

Aggregation Table Ad hoc Fields